8 After Effects When You Quit Smoking – Quitting Smoking Timeline

8 after effects when you quit smoking - Quitting Smoking Timeline

8 after effects when you quit smoking - Quitting Smoking Timeline

Personally, I don’t acknowledge smoking or even smokers. I have noticed amongst so many friends of mine how addictive this nicotine is.

There are so many disadvantages associated with smoking cigarettes. After quitting smoking, there are several withdrawal symptoms that take place. It might seem like one of the toughest decision you have made but believe me your body needs fresh air and detoxification as well.

Further, I have jotted down what exactly happens when you quit smoking.

Symptoms of stopping smoking

1. Physical withdrawal

Sometimes people don’t realize that nicotine is quite addictive. It may seem tough in the beginning but you have to try harder. With my personal experience, I can say that you will have trouble sleeping. Fatigue, nausea and constant coughing are some of the other side effects of it.


All of these problems do subside but you have to be firm with throwing that butt away forever. Usually, it takes about a few weeks or sometimes a year for self-control So physical symptoms of stopping smoking will be temporary and will gone with time.

2. Psychological disorder

A friend of mine who used to be a chain smoker made me understand how smoking has become a part of him. When you quit smoking, you will face depression for a while. Mood swings, irritation and very powerful cravings are some problems that arise.

Every time you are tempted to smoke one, just remember you are on the right track with quitting. It’s a temporary relief when you smoke. For most of them, psychological withdrawal symptoms end in two weeks time.

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3. Improves blood circulation

Honestly, you will have a prolonged life if you quit smoking. Believe me, the two hours span once you quit can immensely change your circulation power.

Nicotine is known to increase the heart and blood pressure rate. They lower down the moment you quit. I have found a huge difference when smoking is not part of life anymore. Even your fingers and toes that felt cold before will warm up.

4. Weight gain

I really have to burst this bubble right away because it’s true. When you quit smoking, you get cravings for food which are extreme. You can’t deprive yourself from eating and this happens due to nicotine. It’s not always the case that you will gain weight but nicotine consumption increases fat in your body. You will also notice blood sugar swings as you quit smoking.

Weight gain

You just have to be cautious when you quit and follow a proper health regime. Know what you are eating and practice regular work out. You can easily loose weight if you rememer few things

5. Heart feels better

Your heart will bless you the moment you stop smoking. How you ask? The carbon monoxide from the blood decreases and the oxygen rate goes high. Your heart gets enough break. The chances of heart attack or any other disease cut down as well.

Just remember, all this is applicable if you quit forever. One cigarette and your heart health will deteriorate again.

6. Breathe better

Yes, you have been inhaling bad air each time you smoked. This will stop as you quit. The good news is your lungs will feel much better as you finally decided to give them a break from smoking. Cilia, the airways inside our body are blocked when we smoke. They eventually start functioning again as there is no existence of cigarettes anymore.

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7. Skin glows

Remember how you got pimples every now and then? Smoking is one of the biggest factors behind that. Thousands of chemicals present in them let the skin go for a toss. They damage the skin texture and the firmness.

Nicotine consumption means there is less blood flow to your skin. Quit smoking and see your skin reverse immediately. I have experienced the same and have come to a conclusion that the premature aging stops.

Let your skin experience bliss again by quitting cigarettes. Even after quit smoking you are having acne then you can use natural ways to get rid of acne.

8. Immune system improves

Smoking makes one immune to several diseases. Respiratory infections take place due to the damage caused to lungs. Yo need to remember that for smokers bruises take really a long time to heal. The risk of these issues drop down when you quit smoking. Healing speeds up instantly.

Final word – Quitting smoking may seem difficult as smoking withdrawal symptoms may discourage you but once you begin this process you will feel better about your skin and health.

I have stepped in this world once but I realized the strength I held after I quit. Try these strategies out and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

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