How to Successfully Quit Drinking Without Losing Friends

How to successfully quit drinking without losing friends

How to successfully quit drinking without losing friends

Have you finally decided to quit drinking but afraid of losing your friends? Believe me, it will be the best decision of your life. F. Scott Fitzgerald rightly said, “First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.”

I was very fond of alcohol, you could say addicted one. At 19, I was a very innocent boy. After that, I started drinking to be social and very soon getting addicted to it. Very soon I started losing my immunity, power and feeling very weak inside.

Whenever I have been checked by a doctor, he found the problem in my liver and suggested to leave alcohol. I was facing two problems then.

First, I had to think about how to stop drinking alcohol and the second one, how to quit drinking without losing my social circle.

But I was very determined this time, and I think I have managed it. It was not so easy. Fear of losing social life and inner voice to get alcohol to fulfill the thirst and many more reasons are there to go back to alcohol.

Go ahead, believe me, nothing will going to change if you will stop taking this slow poison. The only thing that will change is your health status.

Yes, your health, your immunity would definitely improve. Here, I want to share my experience so that it could help you to quit drinking and save your future.

Tips on quit drinking without losing friends

Start with one of the most simple ways….

Choose other non-alcoholic drink and leave early

Are you afraid of your friends will stop inviting you to gatherings? Actually, it happened to me during my sobriety period. You have to be strong at your decision this time. You have to believe that you are doing right.

You should be as normal as you were during any previous booze party. You could take other non-alcoholic drink instead of taking alcohol while partying and you may leave early and believe me no one will notice you as your all friends will be inebriating themselves. This way you could join your friends without having alcohol.

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Be a latecomer

During any dinner party, when your friends start with drinks followed by dinner, you could save yourself by becoming a latecomer when your friends end up with their drinks. This way you could enjoy the dinner party with your boozing friends without having any drink.

This may be tough for you in starting but believe me, this way you could quit drinking without losing your friends.

Give it time

I think we should give it a time. As nobody can quit any of its habit in a single night. In starting, you should lower its quantity may be 2-3 glass a week to one glass a week. This way slowly-slowly you may get out of it.

Alcohol addiction is a very strong addiction, it’s very tough to get out of it very easily. As time can heal any injury, so timely you will get out of it without losing any of your friends and  still if you have taken high amount then better to know how to detox overdoes of alcohol in party.

Maintain a healthy diet

A healthy diet is the solution and prevention of all problems happens to your body. Maintain a healthy diet, it will make you feel full and you will find low urge of getting alcohol. A healthy diet will help to cure the infections in your body due to getting more and more alcohol.Fruits help to quit drinking

During the initial time, I faced a lot of problems while taking balanced diet but after some time my symptoms started getting improved.

  • Avoid food that is high in fat. Instead of fatty food, include an adequate amount of protein in your diet. You could include peanut butter, salmon, walnuts in your diet as these are good source of protein.
  • Include fresh vegetables, fruits in your diet. Banana is a good option as it is a good source of potassium. It will definitely help you to recover during your sobriety period.
  • Drink adequate amount of water, it will help you to recover as well as reduce your alcohol cravings.
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Tips: You could take 5-6 pieces of raisins while you feel any urge for getting alcohol. It will definitely help you.

Daily workout (cardio exercise)

Walking, Running could help you to get out of this self-destructive habits of yours. As these cardio exercises could help you to stimulate the same hormones, neurotransmitters in the brain as done by many addictive substances such as alcohol.

exercise help in stop drinking

During initial stages, you could go for walking and start running and other cardio exercises after that. Proper diet with regular exercise is more likely to help you to quit drinking.

Keep yourself busy (go for your hobby)

Don’t worry it is hard to get out of it but it is not impossible. Go for your hobby whenever you feel any urge for getting alcohol.


You could play your favorite game, swim and other healthy activities. These activities will help you to keep your mind away from alcohol as well as cure your symptoms.

Build support Networks

Make new friends who have also opted to quit drinking or successfully stopped drinking. This will definitely boost up your determination. Build a support network around you that can keep you motivated during your sobriety period.

For two-three days or a week you can handle your own but for a long time period, you will require regular motivation. Regular meetings with your mentors can help you maintaining sobriety.

We are living in a boozy world where people link alcohol with their status symbol. People behave like alcohol is a part of the glamour world. They have a misconception that if you are not drinking that means you are not enjoying at all.

If you will see around you, you will find out the number of people who are having stardom and are happily living without any alcohol. Jennifer Lopez, Eva Mendes are some among them. Keep sharing your experiences with us so that it could help those who question how to stop drinking alcohol or how to quit drinking.

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