5 Easy and Simple Steps to Prevent Bad Breath

5 Easy and Simple steps to prevent bad breath

5 Easy and Simple steps to prevent bad breath

Halitosis is a condition where an individual suffers from having bad breath. This situation is really very awkward and gross.

More than 30% people of the world suffer from this condition. There are different medical terms provided for this condition. Like fetor oris, ozostomia etc.

This disease is marked by the presence of foul smelling breath of an individual. This smell seems to come from the oral cavity of a person’s mouth.

Different causes of bad breath

There are many causes of bad breath. It usually happens due to the presence of bacteria from the anaerobic group that produces sulfur.

The smell originates in the throat, tonsils and mouth. This condition happens in almost all human beings. But bad breath does not persist for long. If this condition prevails then one need to opt for either home remedies or can seek the help of the doctor.

Seeking proper medical treatment

One should consult a professional dentist to know how to get rid of bad breath. One should be open about the condition to the doctor.

He/she should not shy away from sharing their problems. The doctor needs to have a clear knowledge about one’s health conditions. The doctor should be aware of all the illness or health related problems about the patient.

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The doctor uses a device called the Halimeter to check the condition of the person. This device is used to measure hydrogen sulfide in ppb.

How to get rid of bad breath – remedies

One should brush twice daily– one should brush for at least two minutes. Changing of tooth brushes every 2 months is necessary. One should avoid brushing the teeth after drinking some acidic drinks, or food. All the areas of the teeth, especially the joint between gum and teeth should be carefully cleaned.Most of the pharmaceutical companies make mouth wash which contains alcohol. Alcohol makes the mouth dry. Dry mouth is one of the foremost reasons for bad breath. But the best way to improve bad breath is by simply improving one’s oral hygiene.


    • Use floss to clean in between the teeth – It helps the tooth from decay and removes all the dirt that is trapped in between the teeth.
  • Use of tongue cleaner– tongue should not be avoided and should gently be cleaned.


Other than these routine one can have a few cloves or cardamom. They act as mouth freshener and are excellent home remedies for bad breath.

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If one uses dentures then he/she should properly take care to clean the dentures. Toothpastes should not be used to clean the dentures as they can cause damage to the dentures. A separate tooth brush should be used to clean the dentures. Unclean dentures can cause bad breath. Thus one should always keep the dentures clean.

Tips to keep one’s breath minty fresh

  • Smoking is one of the major reasons behind bad breath. One should quit smoking as it not only is bad for health but causes bad breath.
  • Healthy lifestyle and having healthy food is necessary. Spicy and oily food should be avoided on a regular basis. Sweet food containing a huge amount of sugar increases the bacterial growth. Growth of bacteria leads to bad breath.
  • Reduction of alcohol and coffee cause breath to be fresher. Plenty of water consumption always keeps the mouth wet. It also improves the digestive system of a person
  • Sugar free gums and Alcohol free mouth wash can be used to keep the mouth fresh.
  • Gastro intestinal problems can also lead to the cause of foul breath. The medicine and the treatment of bad breath in such condition will depend on the nature of one’s gastric problems.

These are a few ways of how to get rid of bad breath from mouth. One should not feel bad about such conditions. There are many ways to improve this situation.

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