10 foods you should avoid eating at night

10 foods you should avoid eating at night

10 foods you should avoid eating at nightI am a big time insomniac. I am awake at night for several reasons. When I spoke to a few of my friends they told me it’s probably because of certain food items I consume at times.

Sometimes we confuse boredom with overeating. There are certain food items you must avoid at night. They are known to keep you awake. Find them below.

1. Red meat

I know how delicious is this one but you should resist yourself from eating this one at night. It will instantly kick your body and not let you sleep even after you have had a long day at work.

2. Vegetables

No doubt that they are quite healthy but consuming them can also lead to less sleep at night. They have high amount of fiber in them that can slow down the process of digestive system. Take them in limited amounts as a light snack at night and see it not keep you awake longer. Try it out!

3. Chips

I know they are very tempting. I can never resist myself from eating it especially when I am working at night and binge watching netflix. They are processed food items that can have monosodium glutamate in them that can cause a lot of sleep problems. Bring an end to eating this unhealthy food item during the night time.

4. Pasta

I have cheated on my routine so many times by eating pasta at night. Honestly, I have felt quite bloated with this one. It is a fatty food item that can aid weight gain. If you have been following a proper diet or you are a gym freak, stay away from this one. The carbohydrates in this one can turn out to be very unhealthy for your overall health.

5. Ice cream

Weekends call for this one and even I have tried it out. This snack option seems convenient but it is not. Ice cream is known to have high source of fats and sugar as well. Burn it off and say no to it during nights. It also aids weight gain so refrain yourself from consuming it.

6. Pizza

The leftover pizzas are also very tempting. I have saved it for midnight munching but even this one does no good. The fatty acids in it can lead to weight gain and also inflammation. It will drift away your sleep. So, next time on, avoid consuming it during night hours.

7. Cereal

Yes, sometimes when your house is hijacked with only healthy food items and this one tops the list. But even cereals can prove harmful for night hours. It contains sugar in it and also carbohydrates that body can’t digest at night. Give your body a chance to rest before your overall health deteriorates.

8. All sorts of chocolate

People don’t understand that this one is quite harmful. The caffeine in it without a doubt will keep you awake and so this is the last thing you should have when you head to bed. Even a cup of coffee does no good to the body. You should leave it for your office hours and not nights.

9. Alcohol

Some confuse themselves with this one. Having alcohol before bed will make you get up many a times at night. A hangover is an add on with this one. Refrain yourself from drinking in the middle of the night.

10. Chillies

I love spicy food but I have also noticed it keeps me up at nights when I consume heavy food. They are known to have carbohydrates in them that are quite tempting. They also aid weight gain. Control yourself the next time a pack of lays calls you out.

Final word: There’s no doubt that these food items can cut down the overall health as well as sleep time for you. Bid adieu to them and see some significant changes take place in your life!

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