10 Foods That Boost Metabolism Effectively

10 foods that boost metabolism effectively

foods that boost metabolism effectively

Nowadays everyone wants to lose weight (including me). Is it because of the heightened awareness of healthy lifestyle or is it because of the constant, prejudicial and over-exaggerated body-shaming of fat people by media?

It all depends on what made you suddenly decide to cut down of junk food and choose walking or cycling over other modes of transport.

Fat people  tend to face a kind of food-addiction. We have larger appetites and there is always room in the stomach for dessert. We began to call ourselves foodies, considering ourselves to be critics or connoisseurs of fine food.

fatty eat more junk - foods that boost metabolism

And whenever we have appetites  then our more attraction goes toward junk food instead of fresh fruits or healthy food.

Well the sad truth is that in the end, we end up becoming fatter than before.

common myth about eating

There is a very common myth that skipping meals will help reduce weight. Sadly that’s not true. There are two possibilities, either you starve yourself to getting an ulcer or your body metabolism slows down thus increasing fat. Dang! Sorry to break your feelings but that’s the sad truth.

Before we get on to discussing foods that boost metabolism, I want you to know one thing. When it comes to burning calories, there are no easy ways to lose weight and even if there is, it comes with a truck-load of side effects! So say no to those body-destroying fitness drinks!

Now let’s know What’s Metabolism?

Metabolism is the process by which the body breaks down fats and proteins to produce energy for the body to function. So even a four year old can guess that metabolism contributes to weight loss. The faster the metabolism, the greater the weight loss!

Not only weight loss but it also help in improve energy, better digestion,blood circulation and full body maintenance.

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I’m pretty sure that none of us would have thought of foods that boost metabolism as of actually having something to do with weight-loss, even I didn’t (until I did my research). So the impending question that exists in our mind right now is: “How incorporate foods that boost metabolism?”

Well there are some foods that speed up metabolism that I can be considered as metabolism boosting foods, in-lay-man’s-terms, they can help you lose weight!

Metabolism boosters to the rescue

Here is the answer to your question “ how to increase metabolism” ?. Here is the list of best foods that speed up metabolism !!!

1. Full fat milk and dairy products:

They are sure to give your body a hard work-out as the body takes a longer time and increased effort to digest full-fat products. So indulge yourself in yoghurt, cottage cheese (paneer), cheese and fresh cream!

2. Legumes and pulses:

They are high in protein content and hence require the body to burn a lot of calories in order to digest them. They are the best metabolism booster to shed weight.

3. Cocoa:

Cocoa is what makes up dark chocolate. It has been found that cocoa have high content of anti-oxidants which are beneficial for weight-loss if taken in small ounces (exactly 1.5 ounce). But truth be told, I’m not much of a dark chocolate fan, but if it helps in weight-loss, so be it!

4. Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is rich in Lauric acid which boosts HDL cholesterol, which in term contributes to weight-loss.

5. Oat meal and spices:

You may be wondering why I’m pairing oatmeal and spices, that’s because I’ve found the combo to be both delicious and nourishing at the same time. Oatmeal takes a longer time to digest and with the thermogenic properties of spices what we get is the best weight-loss inducing breakfast dish. I’d recommend to prepare your spice flavored oatmeal. And if you’re worried about the taste, fear not because it just tastes like regular boring oatmeal!

6. Water:

Water is probably the one of the best metabolism boosters and it also helps suppress appetite. But one harmless side-effect of drinking too much water is the increased number of trips to the restroom to take a leak. As for me, I was afraid I had developed diabetes all of a sudden. But I can assure you that water is the best and most harmless metabolism-booster!

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7. Tea and Coffee:

Both tea, especially green tea, and coffee are rich in anti-oxidants resulting in increased weight loss. But too much of tea and coffee, excluding green tea, can contribute to diabetes. So enjoy a limited consumption.

8. Fish:

Fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and is the best source of flesh protein. Ever wondered why most Japanese are fit and healthy? You can owe that to fish!

8. Farm-grown red meat:

If you really need to consume red meat, make sure it is farm-grown. Anything farm-grown is healthy. Hence I raise my own chicken: fresh eggs for breakfast and healthy poultry meat for lunch.

9. Almonds:

Almonds are rich in calories but they have fatty acids that contribute to increased metabolism. I consume about 3 almonds a day, not too much and not too less.

10. Egg yolk:

Egg yolks are known to be rich in protein and are beneficial for metabolism. Sadly, they give you bad breath. Trust me, I’ve been through that.

11. Extra-virgin olive oil:

Till today I remain fascinated by the endless list of health benefit olive oil can give you. Olive oil not only acts as a metabolism booster but it also helps to suppress hunger.

12. Fruits:

There are three fruits that are known to aid in increasing metabolism, they are apple, grape and avocado. Avocados are a very rich source for HDL or good cholesterol. Since avocados are rare and expensive, I settle for apples and fresh grape juice.

So even if you do want to eat healthy fast-food, I’d recommend pizzas loaded with veggies, which have a really nice balance of all the above mentioned products.

But on the bottom-line, eating these products alone won’t guarantee you an increased weight-loss. To do that you need to pair this Metabolism Booster Diet with exercise or physical work to experience the best results. I can assure you because I did both MBD and physical work and lost about 3 Kgs in a month. Slow and steady wins the race right? If you ask me, that’s quite a feat for fat me. So I earnestly urge you to try this out and experience the results first hand.

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