10 Most Common Harmful Effects of Junk Food Everyone should know

10 Most Common harmful effects of junk food  Everyone should know

Being a fan of junk food myself, I know how attractive and tempting junk food appears. It is known to be a treat for taste buds, but the side effects they have are unbeatable. In addition to the obvious negative effects on your physical health, you may not be aware of the detrimental effects junk food can have on the way your brain works.

Junk food has a dark side that is well-known. Fast food and processed foods have been linked to an increase in childhood obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic diseases, according to numerous studies. A crackdown on the sale of junk food in schools and within 50 meters of them was recently demanded by the Delhi government. Scientific research has shown that junk food can cause serious brain damage in addition to putting on weight. In addition to years of poor nutrition, regular junk food consumption, even for a few days, can lead to a mental meltdown.

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I have noticed also that when one consumes fast food often the chances of obesity, diabetes, etc. rise up. Here are some harmful effects of junk food that take place over time.

10 Most Common harmful effects of junk food  Everyone should know

Common Harmful effects of junk food

So let’s start with every one of the very common effects.

1. Lose of appetite control

You put your brain in a dilemma as you consume fast food. How do you ask? The mixed signals make it tough for our brain to understand if we are actually hungry or just bored. This further leads to overeating. This dilemma also makes it difficult for the body and hence there is a loss of appetite.

2. Depression takes place

Since fast food is high in fats, the harmful effects of it mean you are consuming excessive calories. Our brain functions on the way we take food. The effects of eating junk food make our body and brain incapable of leading to depression. The chances of stress also elevate in this scenario.

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If you are really suffering from depression then know some home remedies that can cure depression.

3. Loss of memory

When you constantly consume junk food, your memory starts to weaken. The chemical reactions that take place inside the brain are due to the overconsumption of junk foods. High sugar diet leads to a problem known as Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor.

4. Cravings

Have you ever noticed that eating fast food makes you eat more than usual? That’s because you are brain is untrained in these matters. This food gives temporary relief, but the harmful effects lead to anxiety issues and also confusion. Having high sugar levels further leads to obesity.

5. Digestive system is hampered

Two main diseases are known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) take place due to fatty junk food. Since it is deep-fried, the oil gets stuck at the walls of the stomach lining.


The spices included in them also lead to irritation and inflammation in the body. There is lack of fiber which leads to constipation. Trying different yoga poses can deteriorate the issues.

6. Increase in the risk of heart diseases

Fast food are known to be loaded with fats that lead to plaque formation. Junk food can damage the linings of the blood vessels and also the levels of cholesterol increase in the body.

The blood vessels are blocked which means there is less blood supply to the heart. There are chances of heart attack arising. Fats accumulate around and so it is advised you stick to a healthy routine.

7. Kidney stones occur

The processed salt present in fast food items can look tempting but they lead to harmful effects on the body. The enzymes in it are known to upgrade your cravings. High levels of fats and sodium can lead to hypertension. Kidneys filter the toxins and to see them function better, learn to say no to junk food.

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Kidney stone is a very common problem and there are many cause of kidney stone..fast food is one of them..If you are suffering from this problem then you can apply some home remedies for kidney stone and get rid of it.

8. Damage to your liver

Eating junk food every single day is known to have adverse effects on the liver. Just like alcohol, excessive consumption of fast food means your liver is deteriorating in its functioning. People who don’t exercise and only rely on oily food items will notice a change in their lifestyle. The high level of trans fat get deposited in the liver leading to many other issues. Change your diet plans and notice yourself be more active.

9. Reproductive system

The ingredients can also have an impact on fertility. The chemicals present in these oily items can interrupt the development of hormones in the body. When there is exposure to these chemicals, there are immense effects that take place in the reproductive system.

10. Risk of cancer

Lack of fibre is also the reason why junk food can be fatal. Increased levels of fat in the body can lead to colorectal cancer. A research also showcased that men who relied on fried food items developed prostate cancer. Hence, it is advised you attain a healthy habit of exercising and eating green vegetables instead.

Final word- These are some harmful effects of junk food on health that need to end. Adopt a healthy lifestyle that lets you breathe fresh air. Junk food can only make one lazy and lend harmful effects whereas a healthy diet means you will also live longer.

We hope you choose your life over these fried items. With simple recipes, you can even make the green veggies taste delicious. Try them out and see your life change for the better.

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