Healthy Green Tea Diets You Should Try

Healthy Green Tea Diets You Should Try

A healthy green tea diet? Almost every time you open a magazine you read about a new diet that says you can lose weight quickly and easily without dieting or exercising. Some involve restricting the consumption of one or other types of food; some just tell you to take this or that pill, potion or powder and the fat will drop off. Let’s look into some green tea diets.

Well, please ignore all of them! If drugs alone worked, there would no longer be an obesity pandemic. And restricted food diets may work for a while, but the vast majority of dieters put all the weight back on again when they go back to normal eating, because no-one wants to spend the rest of their life eating only grapefruit, or raw vegetables or whatever – humans need variety.

Healthy Green Tea Diets You Should Try

But a green tea diet? This is different because it does not reduce the variety of food you consume, instead it adds a new item – green tea.

Green tea has been drunk in Japan and China for centuries for its health benefits. It is very high in anti-oxidants which help battle against free radicals in the body ( the root of many illnesses, including cancer.) Your body becomes healthier, making it more receptive to fighting the flab. In addition, the ingredients help to speed up the body’s metabolism, so that fat and calories are burnt quicker, assisting weight loss. Also, the tea contains caffeine, which is believed to be a mild appetite suppressant as well as speeding up the way the body produces heat, which in turn leads to more fat burning and hence helps reduce weight.

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So, green tea is a natural, healthy addition to your daily nutrient intake. It is as easy to make as any other tea – use boiling water and leave to steep for about five minutes. If your budget will stretch that far, use organic tea as it will be the purest possible. Better still, if you have a Chinese tea shop near to you go there to buy it. You may be able to purchase it loose, and there will be more choice.

The tea is drunk without milk, and may be safely drunk as often as you wish throughout the day, remembering that too much caffeine may prevent you from sleeping; however, the tea can nowadays be bought decaffeinated if that is an issue for you.

Some people may find the taste a little bitter, or they may not like tea at all. That does not mean they need to miss out on the opportunity to use this product as part of their weight reduction program. It is now possible to buy dietary supplements containing tea extract. Some contain other ingredients, but you can get one hundred percent green tea extract if you prefer. Benefits of using the supplements are not limited to removing the taste, but also mean that if you are away from home, you can carry your pill with you instead of tea bags and searching for boiling water. Additionally, one capsule is as good as drinking two to four cups of tea, all without caffeine.

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To summarize – a healthy green tea diet can be had either by drinking the tea or taking supplements. Your choice!

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