Can Depression Be Cured? What Are The Natural Remedies For Depression?

Can depression be cured? What are the natural remedies for depression?

Can depression be cured? What are the natural remedies for depression?

Over 300 million people across the world suffer from depression. It affects more women than men, but the real defeat lies in accepting that you can’t move on or treat it.

Can depression be cured? Yes, my friend, absolutely!

You can beat depression, stop feeling worthless, lonely, uninspired, and miserable. 

While it really incapacitates your ability to be proactive about anything in life, the best therapy is determination. If you really face a debilitating loss of mental and physical energy every day, you really need to take some serious steps. Depression may paralyze you, but there are natural remedies for depression.

How to fight depression?

Soon as you decide that you don’t want to succumb to melancholy and indeed look forward to living a wholesome life, you have already taken your first step in your combat against depression.

Few natural remedies for depression

So let’s start with the first remedies…

1. Use Adaptogen Herbs

Adaptogen Herbs are healing plants that naturally balance stress hormones and soothe the nervous system. They counter cortisol levels and balance the mood and stress.

Use Adaptogen Herbs

Rhodiola and Ashwagandha are among the magic herbs that aid neurons’ sensitivity and boost neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. This helps develop better focus, positive mood, and memory. 

2. Essential Oils

According to studies, lavender oil has long been used for curing depression due to its neuroprotective capacity. It strongly triggers dopamine receptors and boosts health with its antioxidant features.


Roman Chamomile is another essential oil that relaxes the body by calming nerves. It aids in improving sleep quality and countering anxiety. You can even buy lavender oil from Amazon.

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Other depression treatment

Lifestyle changes

Emotional gaps in life and relationships at work and home often trigger depression episodes.

So, patients should proactively seek emotional support, so they can always reach out to those who care. Stress can also be managed by identifying causing factors and designing a physical, emotional, and medical strategy against it.


Receiving motivational support for finding a healthy purpose in life, high self-confidence, trust among relationships, and a reason to excel at home, work, and in society also make a gigantic difference.

While those suffering from depression may not be able to take primary steps towards curing it, those surrounding them should offer unconditional and protective support.

Quit drugs, alcohol, and smoking altogether. Avoid even caffeine and tea intake and focus on including healthy beverages in your diet.

Physical Activity

Exercise is great for getting better blood circulation, improved sleep and it enhances energy levels.

Moreover, exercising every day promotes feelings of joy and self-worth. Working out just thrice a week can show you vast changes in your mood.

Feeling a bit down? Just go for a brisk walk or a quick run with your dog. Consider undergoing psychological therapies when pursuing a physical activity routine for combating depression. 


You can try Pilates, Yogasan, Calisthenics, Barre, etc. There are a lot of simple workouts available online, and if you really crave the interaction, how about getting a coach?  

Get out

Yes, get out. Get out of your home, your office, your hideout! Get some sunlight, breathe fresh air and enjoy the wind. Find it funny? Well, there is research stating that there is a certain connection between depression and lack of vitamin D from limited or minimal sun exposure.

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So, get out and enjoy some sun every day, but don’t forget to put on a decent amount of sunblock. You can also check how Deal With Depression At office.

Improve your diet

A belief that my parents instilled in me was that my body is a temple, so I should worship it and not pollute it with bad carbs or excessive sugars.

And, eating a balanced diet has worked wonders for me! It has kept me in shape and I seldom feel sad or melancholic. I agree how a truffle pastry may appear appealing to a depressed mind, but it’s just temporary pleasure.


A healthy and delicious meal loaded with nutrients reaps benefits for a life that, that is what I consider a better investment.

Most of the fight is mental. Unless you are willing to come out of your bed, except that you need to make changes and that you alone hold the key to your cure, only then can you expect the cure.

Just because you face an exaggerated sense of melancholia doesn’t mean you are destined for a lifetime of mental torture and agony. Take baby steps to treat yourself and get some help from friends, colleagues, and professionals before depression completely take over.

Don’t let your sad state of mind make your life roll downhill. Live a strong, healthy, and happy life with simple yet effective depression treatments and best to follow natural remedies for depression.

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