Homeopathy –  The Smart & Natural way to recover

Homeopathy –  The Smart & Natural way to recover

The Smart & Natural way to recoverMost of us are depended on over the counter the counter medication. Though, that gives us immediate relief it also has a number of issues and concerns with it.

Most of the times the medicines contain steroids and have a series of side effect on the body. It is time that we look for other natural modes of medications.  It is time that we look for natural health care options.

You will be surprised to know that such natural care options have been available for ages. Homeopathy for example has been used across the world for much more than a hundred years.

The concept of homeopathy is to heal the body and equip it to fight its own battles. As compared to allopathic medications, these are customized as per an individual’s requirements. Many are not even aware of the fact that Homeopathy medicine has been recognized by various institutions across the world like the World Health Organization.

What is Homeopathy Remedy?

This is a form of alternate medications. This form of medication was developed by Samuel Hahnemann, and gradually it has become famous all across the world. It is safe and can be consumed right from 4 months old babies to old haggard.

What is homeopathic medicine?

Homeopathy as a mode of treatment offers customized medications. That means, once the doctor checks you, he will mix a number of medications to offer you a customized medication to treat your ailment.

Contrary, to common misconception they also have certain over the counter readily available medicines to treat common problems like anxiety, head ache, stomach ache, hair loss, cough and cold and so on. They have tablets and liquid concoctions to check and curb common ailments which are available in their specific shops.

How does Homeopathy work?

Homeopathy can either work within a few seconds or can take time to action. This is mainly due to the fact that the medicine is made with natural extracts and substances. The way the medicine will react on the patient entirely depends on the patient’s state.

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It believes in equipping the human body so that it can fight the ailment on its own. Hence, the timeline to recover will vary from person to person depending on the exact condition of the patient. 

What are Homeopathy medicines made of?

Homeopathy medicines are made of natural extracts and substances. They are either animal based, plant based or extracted from minerals. If you are thinking of age old concoctions then no Homeopathy is quite sophisticated.

A few of the things that goes into making the medicine are common household ingredients like vinegar, caffeine, garlic, dried herbs, activated charcoals and so on.

When do people general resort to homeopathy?

Allopathic medications are known to contain steroids. They hence have a fixed timeline say 5 days after which you will recover completely. The concept being that you are taking a fixed amount of steroid or antibiotic daily that is required to kill the germ or infection in your body. Post 5 days of consuming the antibiotic your body gets healed automatically.

However, in case of homeopathy the treatment is different. In this case medication is given to equip the body to fight the ailment. So , the time taken to cure is not pre-determined and differs from person to person. This is the only reason that not in all cases people resort to homeopathy.

Say, you are already suffering from high fever due to swollen tonsil. In such cases it is wiser to opt for antibiotics so that your fever comes down fast. Once your fever is within control and you recover , you can opt for homeopathy to cure your tonsil and ensure that such an acute stage is not reached ever.

So, in cases where the situation is not very bad and people have time in their hands, they can opt for homeopathy.

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Any side effects of Homeopathy?

When you have fever and have antibiotic for 5 days, it is imperative that post those 5 days you will suffer from loss of appetite, hair fall, loss of taste and so on. These are mainly due to the side effects of the antibiotics and steroids that the body has consumed for the last 5 days. This is certainly not the case with Homeopathy.

In case of homeopathy the medicines are made of natural enzymes and extracts and have no kind of side effect on human body.

Naturally, you need to adhere to the prescribed dosage as any excessive consumption can lead to side effects like swelling and gas. However, if you abide by the dosage then guess what there are absolutely no side effects of having this medicine.

Why is Homeopathy so popular?

Thanks to our daily stress, erratic lifestyle and increase in list of body ailments, people are freely popping in over the counter pills to combat ailments. Thanks to awareness, people have now realized that popping pins at the drop of a hat is actually not a good idea.

Hence, people are looking for alternative form of medications and one of the best form of natural medication is Homeopathy.

  1. It has been tried and tested for more than 200 years
  2. It is customized as per the patients’ needs and is not one pill fits all
  3. It aims to fortify the body to heal itself
  4. It does not have any side effects.

All these factors together contribute to the growing popularity of this form of medication.

How is it growing?

People from all spheres of life and age group are slowly shifting towards trying homeopathy medications over and above others thanks to its various benefits. Also, now days the number of doctors advocating homeopathy and the shops dealing with homeopathy medications is also on a rise.

Homeopathy is a smart and natural way to cure oneself. If you are suffering from a pertinent ailment that is recurring time and again it is time to switch paths and go for natural medication to cure yourself.

Note – People with conditions such as HIV, TB and malaria should not rely on homeopathic treatments, the World Health Organization has warned. You can check more detail on BBC News.

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