What parents should know about tattoos – How it affect your child

tattoo side effects

Tattoos are gaining importance and is very common in young adults. It is observed that almost 3 in 10 adults in America have tattoo. among them approx 70% people have more than 2 tattoos and  20% have more than five.

To get a tattoo done, there is a need for you to be 18 at least in most states and also requires parental permission in some states.

Still as per statistic survey in 2015 among adult American parents of underage children on which age they allow their children for tattoos. 7% of parents allow their children to get tattoos even below 18 age.

With the tattoos popularity, lots of parents are concerned about the tattoo side effect. Over the recent years, tattoos have become the mainstream culture. The popularity has increased owing to celebrities such as David Beckham and Angelina Jolie flaunting tattoos.

angelina jolie tattoo

Parents concern about tattoo side effects

Parents are not against their teens having tattoos done on their body, but are concerned about the negative effects of tattoos on body.

Actually, today parents have come out to the mainstream culture, but want their teens to have the tattoos done after attaining 18 years. Even if they want tattoo then you can suggest them for temporary one…no ink and no side effect. You can check few best temporary tattoos on amazon.

temporary tattoos

Tip: Parents, instead of just worrying about the tattoo side effects, it is right to know your state and city laws for your teens to have tattoos. 

Below are few health risk of tattoos

Infection –  ink that they use  can be contaminated.Even in some cases ink contain pigments used in printer toner or in car paint and that is not suitable for body. So make sure to verify before going for any tattoos.

Allergies – Some time due to allergies you would get redness or bumps in tattoo area and that can leads to fever. sometime this allergies may persist due to permanent ink. such type of treatment needs antibiotic and may required for many days or even month to get better.

MRI issues – When you go through MRI then there is chance of swelling or burning in the tattoo area…so make sure to share your tattoo information with professional  so they can take care accordingly.

Source of risk –  U.S. Food and Drug Administration

You can also check Inkbox – Semi-Permanent Tattoos .  By using this you can create your own tattoo and as per them it is 100% Organic, Fruit-based formula.So hopefully not affect your skin.There are some benefit of buying this for tattoo

  • Painless and skin-safe – There is no pain and similar to permanent tattoos.
  • Test-drive your tattoo idea – You can test tattoos before apply on your skin
  • For everyone – Some religion not allow tattoos but its for everyone


If you want tattoos for 1-2 week then i recommend to test inkbox once but make sure to care extra while using and washing..as you can not remove in between and if bi-mistake it applies on face or other body part…then need to wait for long time. Here you can read reviews of one of customer.


The first is parents ask your teenagers what they wish to have on their bodies so that you gain insight of your kids’ minds. Try to understand the motivation your teen has behind a tattoo, than merely acquiring information ‘are tattoos unhealthy’.

Advice:  Parents must stay calm and with cool mind understand their teenagers wish to having tattoos that allows your teens to express through them.

 How to handle

Handling any unexpected situation is possible only when parents listen and are ready to discuss. After all, it is about your own teens. Overreacting in any way is certainly taking you away from positive results.

The best approach is to have with your teen an open discussion about the tattoo side effects on body. Ask them the purpose to take this decision and also confirm what your permission means to them.tatto side effect

Different reasons

  • Tattoos are being done by teens to seek an identity.
  • They help in developing deeper bond with friends.

 Tip: Parents understanding you kids will reinforce the bond of parent-child. Your fear can tattoos cause cancer will also diminish that you need not ban your teen having tattoos.

 Take precautions

  • Getting tattoo at any age is risky. Parents should inform their teens about tattoo risks.
  • Parents should ensure their teen has complete knowledge about tattoo side effects as these tattoos remain on them lifelong.
  • Teens and parents need to be extra cautious before your teens getting the tattoos done so that they ensure the needle is fresh and clean.
  • Fulfilling a passion such as tattoo also involves pain. So teens must bear in the mind that swelling and pain will remain for few days after the tattoo. In fact, some may develop fever as well.

Regarding Tattoos, ensure it is a two-way communication. Accepting the urge of teens to have tattoos should include parents’ concerns ‘are tattoos unhealthy. However, gently voicing opinions is essential, but realize that the permission granted is purely out of understanding and respect.

Remember the tattoos is bringing a difference in your child and as a caution parents check the salon is reputable, clean and they use sterile needles.


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