Why laughter is called the best medicine?

Why laughter is called the best medicine?

Why laughter is called the best medicine?

Laughter is now recognized as a medical treatment. For this reason, it is referred to as “the finest medicine” because it is completely free and accessible to anybody, regardless of their age or health status. To top it all off, it improves your emotional, mental, social, psychological, and physical health while also making you seem younger and more beautiful. What more can one ask for?

E.e. Cummings once said it quite rightly that the most wasted of all days is the one without laughter.

A happier world is so beautiful to look at! According to me, everyone should make it a point to have bliss around them and laugh their heart out.

Laughing is associated with a natural response to stimuli which leads to health benefits.If you didn’t know how laughing out loud can help you, let me introduce you to some of the benefits it holds.

Laughter’s most essential, tried, and underutilised effect is that it triggers the release of the brain’s “happiness chemical-endorphin,” whose sole purpose is to alleviate your suffering and make you “feel good. If you’re feeling down but fake a laugh, your brain will think you’re happy and release a chemical known as the “happiness chemical,” which in turn makes you feel good. ‘Fake it ’til you make it,’ or something around those lines

1. Reduce stress

It is indeed one of the best remedies for all of us. The levels of stress hormones come down when you are happy. It’s a good habit to laugh because it helps cut off anxiety levels. The impact on your immune system is good.

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Imagine Every time someone passes a joke and you get to laugh, it only means you are inhibiting some goodness for your overall health.

2. Good for abs

I would have rushed somewhere to laugh loudly if I would hear this somewhere. Laughter can tone your abs and this is applicable for everyone. When you laugh, the muscles in your body contract which means you are exercising. Your muscles are getting relaxed when you do this.

Add this one to your routine and get a flat belly in just a few week’s time!

3. Cardiac health is improved

Laughter is the best medicine for workouts as well. If you are not getting enough physical activity due to lack of time then just laugh because even that will help you out. My father is going through heart problems. I suggested that he should laugh. Now, he is really happy and quite at peace with this issue. Calories are burnt and your heart will be much happier than ever.

4. Releases endorphins

The natural painkillers in the body are released when you laugh. It can make any process easier and reduce chronic pain leading to better overall health.

5. Controls anger

Everytime you feel you are losing your temper, just laugh and see yourself calm down. You have to look at the funny side as it will help you and others in the situation.

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6. Helps in living longer

A study showed that people who laughed often outlived the ones who didn’t. This was majorly noticed amongst people suffering from cancer.

Ways to laugh

  1. It’s good to feel embarrassed at times as it leads to laughing moments. For once, don’t take yourself seriously and see your body feel so light and happy.
  1. You can set reminders like a toy or a memory nearby that can make you laugh. Have a screensaver on your laptop or frame funny posters if needed.
  1. Laughing is a therapy to follow wherein there is no welcoming of negativity. That said, avoid negative situations and also people that make you feel that way.
  1. There is a part of you that feels kiddish. Let that one stay with you because it will help you laugh out loud whenever you need it.
  1. You can also join groups for laughter yoga. Many people have been benefited from this practice. It’s vital you opt for it. Ask your friends to join you and notice a significant change in your lifestyle.

Final word- They say life is better when you are laughing. I totally abide by this saying and just like me, you should also start your beautiful journey by practicing this method every day. Bid adieu to negativity and welcome happiness, forever!

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