10 Benefits of Green Tea We Bet You Didn’t Know!

10 Benefits of Green Tea We Bet You Didn't Know!

10 Benefits of Green Tea We Bet You Didn't Know!Whether for improving helath or drop a few pounds, this ‘super-drink” is the one that goes a long way in healing your body. And thus pay attention to each word I am penning.

Do you enjoy a cup of green tea on a regular basis? Drinking this “super-drink” is a great way to boost your health and lose weight.

Green tree is not a new fad, it has been there since thousands of years. And over these umpteen centuries, there ahem been countless benefits of green tea:

The well-known being…weight management, boosting energy by removing body-toxins, reducing stress as well as increasing body’s disease fighting ability. And this has been proved by medical science at all cultures across the globe. Yes, this little tea bag holds sort of a magical concoction!

I am listing below 10 major health benefits of green tea.

Benefits of green tea

1. Weight Loss Tea

The polyphenol found in green tea intensify fat oxidation levels as well as boosts metabolism. Several global medical research studies and well as people who have been consuming it for over a year have vouched for the fact that consumption of green tea decreases in body fat, especially in the abdominal area.

Some prominent brands even sell it in the name of ‘weight-loss tea.’

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2. Diabetes Control

Green tea is also known to help regulate glucose levels in the body. And this in turn prevents high insulin spikes as well as to a major extent controls fat storage.

3. Heart Ailment Prevention

One of the prominent health benefits of green tea  is that it keeps the blood vessels in a mode where they are better able to withstand changes in blood pressure as well as no cholesterol deposition since green tea churns fat to break it down better than any other drink. Burnt cholesterol means less chances of clot formation.

And this means you have a safety net against a heart attack, provided you balance it out with exercise as well as healthy food.

4 Healthy Teeth & Mouth

Streptococcus mutans is the main hazardous bacteria that thrives in the saliva. It causes plaque formation and is also the major factor that contributes to cavities and tooth decay. Catechins present in green tea to a good level inhibit the growth of this bacteria.

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Dr Manav Ghosh a dental surgeon from USA asserts that regular consumption of green tea improves dental health, lowers the risk of caries and even reduced bad breath.

5. Cholesterol Buster

Green tea reduces bad cholesterol in the blood. And this in turn prevents heart attacks as well as rescues body weight. No wonder health experts also call it the weight loss tea or healthy tea.

6. Brain Tonic

The key active ingredient in green tea is caffeine- a brain stimulant. it is not as high as you find in coffee but fair enough to produce the desired healthy impulse from the brain and also avoid the harmful side-effects associated with too much intake of caffeine.

Dr Simon Chandra Paul, a neuro-surgeon working in Australia asserts, ” Even migraine patients who are asked to avoid coffee have benefited from taking green tea. Moreover, in today’s life green tea also acts as stress buster with just the right dose of caffeine.”

He adds that “Theanine” – an amino acid naturally found in tea leaves- has a tranquil zing effect that also helps fight depression without side-effects unless you consume in excess.

7. Blood-Pressure Regulator

Regular consumption of green tea is also believed by medical experts to reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

8. Skincare

Another prominent health benefits of green tea consumption is reduction in wrinkles and others signs of aging on the face. It also helps reduce the formation of acne and pimples, which is a major problem, especially in adolescent age. And this is due to the inherent quality of green tea–antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

9. Lowered Chances of Cancer

Some medical experts are also of the view that regular consumption of green tea and its inhabitant anti-oxidants reduces the chances of Cancer in the body….especially esophageal cancer.

10. Stress Buster

The thiamine in green tea produces a calming effect. But that doesn’t mean you can avoid a work-life-balance and compensate it with green tea. It is just a support system. All we are saying that it is safer than coffee.

Now that we have imparted enough knowledge to you about advantages of consuming green tea, let us leave you with few words of caution as well, which you may not find as one-piece article anywhere else on the internet.

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  1. Those struggling with anemia whether genetic of conditional, must avoid consuming green tea.
  2. Don’t overdo it. Two cups are enough for the day. This is a major caution for those who are trying to reap the wright-loss benefits. Excessive intake increases the risk of Glaucoma – a condition where eye pressure shoots up and can even lead to blindness. Also, excessive intake can cause elimination of calcium from bones flooding it out through urine; thus leading to Osteoporosis or Thinning of Bones. But then, excess of infant everything is bad.
  3. Best time to consume green tea is in between meals with a two hour gap from the intake of food.
  4. Avoid consuming it empty stomach since it is found to cause kidney, liver and digestive track toxicities if taken that way.
  5. Please consult your doctor before consuming green tea if you are on a blood-thinning medication. Infact consult your doctor before taking it even if you are on any other kind of regular medication as well.
  6. Preferably do not consume green tea during pregnancy or have a mild yet single cup only, whether pregnant or lactating mother.
  7. Adding milk to green tea is a bad idea since it reduces its ‘antioxidant value.’
  8. Insomnia patients must not consume green tea since caffeine intake stimulate the brain and charges it up.
  9. Never intake it with food. Catechin present in green tea can causes fall in absorption of Iron and folic acid.

So what are you waiting for? Follow the caution and reap the amazing benefits of green tea! Cheers to health! 

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