What One Should Check Before Buying Fruits – 7 Tips

What one should check before buying fruits - 7 tips

check before buying fruits

Find difficulty while purchasing fruit? Or have been wasting money on damaged fruit?

It is a very miserable situation for me when I found most of the fruits, I have purchased rotten from inside. They were looking fresh from their outer look but were actually rotten.

Probably you have faced the same situation. To avoid these kinds of situations, in this article of mine, I will tell you about how you can examine the fruit minutely and pick the best produce. Here are some key points you should focus upon:

Tips in buying fresh fruits

1. Heavier is better

“Heavier is better” is more applicable for juicy fruits like watermelon, muskmelon, lemon, orange, etc. You can examine their quality by their weight.

You, probably, have seen people picking two similar fruits in their either hands and examining the heavier one. More will be the weight of these juicy fruits, better or juicier will be your fruit.

Weight - Tips in buying fresh fruits

So, while buying these juicy fruits, always pay attention to their weight as their weight will tell you more about their quality.

2. Never forget to examine the stem of the fruit

You can easily pick the fresh produce by examining the stem of the fruit. Fruits having stem along such as berries, grapes etc. can be examined by the color of their stems.

  1. Green color: if you find the green color stem from ripe fruit, it means your fruit is fresh and ready to eat.
  2. Green color stem with hard fruit: if you find the green color stem with hard fruit, it means that fruit is early picked and it is more likely to be mealy when ripened.
  3. Brown color, dry stem: if you find brown-colored dry stem, it means your fruit is picked long ago. This kind of fruit generally has no flavor and texture of the freshly-ripe fruit.
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3. Buy seasonal fruit

The best practice is to buy a fruit is in its season. Always go for seasonal fruit. One thing you must have noted down that non –seasonal fruit comes from farther and it is among the fruit that is picked long ago.

In this way, non-seasonal fruit have no flavor and texture. To leverage its flavor and nutrients, you should go for seasonal fruits.

4. Examine the color of the fruit

You must check the color of the fruit. Always check whether the color of the fruit is same as it is supposed to be. For example, you could not go for green strawberry. Make sure that color of the fruit is uniform but never dismiss a vine-ripened watermelon only because of different color on one side as it is the surface where melon rest on the ground while ripening.

5. Always check for the bruises and spot on the surface of the fruit

Never forget to examine the surface of the fruit. Check if the surface of the fruit is smooth. It should not be too hard or too soft to touch. Check for all the bruises and spots on its surface as bruises and spots are direct indication of the damaged fruit.

6. Taste the fruit

You probably have undergone the situation in which you have purchased a smooth-surfaced, perfectly colored papaya and found it tasteless when it is cut down. To avoid this kind of miserable situation, you should taste the fruit before purchasing it.

  1. Big size fruit such as papaya, watermelon, muskmelon, pineapple can be checked this way.
  2. Fruits that come in bunches such as grapes, berries can also be checked by tasting a piece of the whole bunch.
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taste fruits - Tips in buying fresh fruits

As the taste of the fruit is the real identity of the fruit, you can choose the fresh produce this way. Taste s one of the best Tips in buying fresh fruits.

7. Smell the fruit

In case, taste option is not available, as generally fruit seller do not agree with it, you can smell the fruit and find out whether it is fresh one or not. Well, there is no need to touch it to your nose, you can keep it at a safe distance from your nose and can feel it’s aroma.



  1. Light, sweet smell indicates the quality you want. Your picked up fruit is fresh and properly ripe.
  2. Strong Aroma indicates that your picked up fruit is over-ripe.
  • Sour or stinky smell indicates that your picked up fruit has passed its prime.

Melons and pineapple can be easily judged by their smell.

Above given Tips in buying fresh fruits will definitely help you to judge the right fruit to purchase. Use your senses, your nose, your eyes and sense of touch as much as you can to find out whether the fruit is good to buy.

You can easily found even colored, shiny, heavily waxed fruit in the market which looks very attractive but use your sense of touch to check whether the fruit is as good as its look. If these good- looking fruits are too soft to touch then it is direct indication that these are not good for you.

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