Dry Eyes problem – Symptoms, Causes, prevention and Treatment

Dry Eyes problem - Symptoms, Causes, prevention and Treatment

Dry Eyes problemDry eyes are one of the most common eye issues that people are suffering from nowadays. The problem persists because of constant TV watching and working on laptops/desktops in offices.

One of my close aides, my friend recently had been suffering from constant aching sensation and red eyes, when we went to see an eye specialist. We were thinking if this had to do with his eye sight but we were surprised to know the concept of dry eyes.

A dry eye is a disease caused due to lack of moisture or lubrication in your tear system. If your eyes are unable to produce sufficient amount of tears, then dust and other irritants from your eyes will not be removed. The result of which will be incessant eye inflammation and irritation. This blog is what the eye specialist told me what dry eye is. Read on to know more…

A dry eye syndrome is the most common reason why people visit eye doctors. Though the syndrome may not be completely curable it can be managed successfully. Here are important symptoms, causes, and dry eye treatment.

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The most common symptoms of dry eyes or dry eye syndrome are aching sensation, itching and reddening of eyes.

Further, light sensitivity (photophobia), blurring of vision, aching sensations are also important symptoms of which you should care for.

Moreover, excess tears in your eyes can also be a symptom of dry eyes. The phenomenon of dry eyes producing too many tears is known as reflex tearing. This can be a confusing symptom. It happens when your itching eye or dry eye sends a signal to the nervous system for more lubrication or moisture as a protective measure.

However, reflex tears are mostly water and do not contain other important ingredients of tears, therefore, they can only eliminate dirt and dust from the eyes, but can’t coat the surface of eyes. Foreign object sensation (feeling of the presence of some outside body in eyes) can also be a dry eye symptom.

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Dry eyes causes

There are many causes for dry eyes. Increasing age is one of the main causes of dry eye syndrome in humans.

Nonetheless, it is more prevalent in women who have achieved the age of menopause. A major reason for dry eye syndrome is an imbalance of tear-flow system.

Also, looking at computer or mobile or television for a long time can cause dry eye. Dry eye can also be the side effect of certain drugs like birth control pills etc. Continuous exposure to the air conditioner or heater or dry climate can also be a dry eye cause.

Dry eye treatment

First way of treatment is to go for doctor’s advice. Your ophthalmologist may recommend the following

Ointments for curing dry eye: There is a number of drops available at the shops. You can try a few to figure out which one suits you, and then go for it. Use the drops even if your eyes feel fine. During night hours you can use ointments.

Artificial tears: You may use artificial tears. These are available in medical stores in the form of droplets. You can use these tears as often as you want.

Blocking tear ducts: Your ophthalmologist may advise you to get your tear ducts blocked for a certain period of time to conserve your tears. This can be done by inserting gel plugs in the tear ducts.

Few best Home remedies for dry eye

Although it is best to visit a doctor in case of severe drying up of eyes, some of the home remedies too can effectively reduce the dryness of the eyes. These are some of the reliable home remedies for dry eyes.

Blinking exercise:  Blinking of eyes are helpful in reducing eye strain.  Regular blinking exercise catalyzes the formation of tears and moistens the eyes. This is one of the best ways to cure dry eyes.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil can play a key role in reducing the symptoms of dry eyes by rewetting them. Coconut oil helps the formation of a protective layer on the eyes which thereby prevents the evaporation of tears.

Food rich in omega 3: One of the major causes of dry eyes is the lack of necessary fatty acids in the diet. The Omega  3 fatty acids are among the essential acids for the body. The fat molecules of the Omega 3 s fatty acids are instrumental in the formation of tears. They also reduce inflammation in the eyes efficiently. You should try to have an adequate intake of foods rich in Omega 3.

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Castor oil: Castor oil works as an anti-inflammatory agent and its usage will help you get rid of pain, irritation, and burning. Using castor oil twice a day can effectively moisten your eyes.

Warm compress: Compressing your eyes with clothes soaked in lukewarm water. The heat from the compression will enhance blood circulation and allow generate tears.

Frequent eyelid washing: People with dry eyes tend to rub their eyes a lot. However, this should be avoided. In order to maintain proper hygiene, you must wash your eyes with lots of water. You can use baby shampoo and wash the eyelids with warm waters twice a day.This is the most convenient way of getting relieved from dry eyes.

How to prevent dry eyes?

It goes without saying that ” Prevention is better than cure”. These are some of the ways that shall allow you to prevent drying up of eyes.

Stay away from smoke: The benefits of staying away from smoke are many. Smokes can greatly enhance the chances of drying up of the eyes.

Rest your eyes: Too much of reading, tv watching, and computer usage may cause drying up of eyes. So it is better to give your eyes necessary amount of rest.

Avoid places with air movements: Windy places which experience lots of air movement must be avoided. This also includes the limited usage of fans and hair dryers.

You can also try some home remedies for dry eye. Warm compress over your closed eyes with a cloth rinsed in warm water for 1-2 minutes can reduce inflammation, and will loosen up your clogged oil glands.

Also, cleaning your eyes and nearby areas regularly will help reducing irritation. Another home remedy for dry eye is consuming food containing omega-3 fats like walnuts etc. as they help oil-making glands work better. Blinking eyes, wearing sunglasses are also some important home remedies for protecting dry eyes.

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