7 Main Reasons to Answer Why Am I Not Losing Weight

7 main Reasons to answer why am I not losing weight

7 main Reasons to answer why am I not losing weight

Regularly working out but not losing weight?

I was facing the same problem though I am regular at the gym. After delivery, I put on a lot of weight and I have been thinking that there is no solution to this problem. Then I started going the gym.

But I have observed and ask question to my self why am I not losing weight? I think everybody requires a wake up call to lose his/her weight and so need me. What I  needed most is the regular source of motivation and stimulation that could keep me doing the effort.

After that, I worked on my sleep, my sitting time in office, my daily meal, regular exercise etc. and much more and thus succeeded to lose my weight.

What I want to say here that only exercise could not help you, you must look at your complete lifestyle, eating or drinking habits, your behavior, and you’re thinking everything. You are not alone facing the problem of not losing weight.

Actually, in this fast forward life, all things are behaving like a rapid fire round. We all want the result in a single day but we have to understand that regular and all-around effort is required to successfully lose the weight and believe me, it’s healthy too.

Here, I am sharing some reasons which were the hidden obstacles in my successful journey of losing weight.

Reason of why am I not losing weight

And start with most common reason of not losing weight for office guys is….

1. Long time sitting while working

Actually, I am working in an IT company where I have to sit for long hours in front of the computer doing coding, planning etc.

Long time sitting while working

Once I came to know about a research happened at University of Missouri–Columbia, they have found that if we sit for long hours our body stops making lipase, a fat-inhibiting enzyme. From that day, I have changed my working style completely. Things you can do:

  1. Keep standing and stretching your body after every hour.
  2. If you can’t go to step , then you could fidget your feet while sitting.
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Above process will not only help to burn your calories but strengthen your metabolism also.

2. Not sleeping well?

Well, a good and sound sleep can save you from many diseases. If you are not sleeping well due to a load of work or any stress, you could not be successful in losing your weight.

Not sleeping well

According to a study held in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Women who take a sleep of less than 4 hours consume more calories and fat the next day.

Tips: Take a sound sleep of at least 8 hours and feel refreshed, energized and ready to successfully burn your calories.

3. Feeling stress at work or home?

If you are feeling stress due to any family drama, hectic or long hour’s schedule, facing any challenge in your life, it could be a great obstacle in your weight loss journey.

Feeling stress at work or home

According to a research, it is found that if you feel stress in your life, your body starts releasing a stress hormone called cortisol and it will increase your body’s fat storing ability and this way your body starts storing more fat.

More stress increase your urge of taking more sugar and salt which have an adverse effect on your health.

4. Not keeping track of your daily eating habits?

Keeping track of what you are eating be it your breakfast, lunch, dinner or in-between meals is as important as any cardio exercise done by you to burn your calories.


If you are eating without any tracking record or without paying much attention, you could eat more calories. Thus you have to keep your attention while eating. Things you can do:

  1. You could write your calories taken in a diary.
  2. You could use Fitness Tracker band of any branded companies. These branded companies also provide you with a doctor which helps you to keep the record of your calories and to guide you what is right to eat.
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5. Not taking Enough Protein

Intake of protein can help you a lot while struggling with losing your weight. Protein maintains the metabolism of your body as well as help to reduce cravings and urge of taking more snacks which led to more calories.


Tips: The best time to load your body with protein is your breakfast time. According to a study, if you add protein-rich diet in your breakfast, it will keep you full whole day and this way it helps to reduce your total calories taken in a day.

6. Your partner is not on the same track

Sometimes your personal relationship can be a big obstacle in your Weight loss journey.

  • It may happen your partner is already fit and have no requirement to lose weight
  • It may happen that your partner doesn’t want to lose weight or not interested to follow a healthy diet or any exercise routine.

These may be reasons which could push back you from your weight loss journey. To  keep yourself motivated you could make your partner agreed upon a healthy life or a healthy routine.

7. Skipping breakfast

If you are skipping your breakfast then it is the biggest mistake of yours. You can go for dieting but skipping breakfast is not the right way.

Rather than skipping your breakfast, you should take a healthy breakfast as it will maintain your metabolism as well as keep you full and active whole day. Skipping breakfast would lead you to take more and more calories whole day.

Don’t just eat anything for breakfast to keep you full. You should add a healthy and a protein-rich diet to your breakfast.

Most of reason of your question why am I not losing weight is given above.  Focus on all aspects of losing weight. In this fast forward life, there exists numerous factor which can lead to increasing in our weight such as long hours sitting, stress, fewer hours sleep.

People are working out but not losing weight and they always think why am i not losing weight thus, you have to put your efforts on your complete lifestyle rather focusing on exercise only. Add high-protein rich diet to your body and try to find out some happy hours from your busy schedule. Follow a regular routine.

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