How to Get the Best Beachy Waves You’ve Ever Had in 8 Steps

Beach Waves Hair Style: Get the Best Beachy Waves

It’s easy to personalize the appearance of the beach waves because there are so many variations to choose from. According to Scarlett, “those who demand sea waves usually make curly or flat-ironed hair soft waves with straight ends.”

There are a variety of ways to achieve beachy waves, but it’s crucial to select one that works best for your hair texture. Scarlett recommends using a salt spray if your hair is very fine. “The worst error you can make when trying to achieve beach waves or any natural-looking hair texture is to be afraid of making mistakes—Nothing should be too flawless or symmetrical.” Don’t be afraid to experiment with stacking items as well. A pomade and a dry shampoo are among the products I reach for on a regular basis.

1. Beach Waves During The Night

Overnight Beach Waves

When it comes to beauty sleep, you can acquire the look while you’re sleeping! How about that? Wait until your hair is 90% dry before prepping it at night instead of using heated tools. Assuming you’re making a high ponytail on the top, flip your head over and divide your hair into three equal portions; next, braid the sections together in a standard braid. Finally, bind the hair with an elastic to keep it from crinkling up at the bottom. Don’t make it too tight, as that will prevent volume. Gently undo the braid in the morning and comb out the hair from the roots.

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2. The Easiest Waves Beach

This video is for you if you can’t manage anything more complicated than a ponytail. It simplifies the process of catching free waves into a step-by-step guide that anyone can understand and follow with confidence. Curling irons are easier to use than wands for this particular technique.

The Easiest Waves Beach

3. Beach Waves Curling Iron

With a curling iron, you may achieve beachy waves. A one-inch diameter barrel like this one from Bed Head is ideal, and a heat protectant should be applied to your hair before style. You’re ready to go as soon as you shake out your hair.

Beach Waves Curling Iron

4. The Flatiron Wave in Its Most Basic Form

Maybe it’s just us, but using a flatiron to curl your hair when it was made to straighten it seems counterintuitive. Even though it seems paradoxical, flatiron waves are a thing for a reason, and they’re simple to achieve.

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The Flatiron Wave in Its Most Basic Form

5. Beach Waves With S-Shaped Breakers

With a few simple steps using a flat iron and a heat protectant, you can achieve gorgeous, s-shaped beachy bends. To begin, use a straightening iron on your curly locks. To produce effortless-looking bends, you may just rotate the iron back and forth while you glide down each piece of hair with the same instrument.

Beach Waves With S-Shaped Breakers

6. Beach Waves Headband

Once again, Luxy Hair has come up with a brilliant beauty hack for achieving beach waves without the need of a blow-dryer. This look may be achieved by twisting and wrapping your hair around a cotton headband, such as one from Kenz Laurenz.

Beach Waves Headband

7. Short Hair Beach Waves

Creating textured waves on even the shortest haircuts is possible, even if it takes some practice. One-inch curling iron and a quick flick of the wrist are all that is needed.

Short Hair Beach Waves

To keep your curls in place, spritz your hair liberally with a flexible-hold hairspray once you’ve finished curling it all the way around your head.

8. Beach Waves in Five Minutes

Get the Best Beachy Waves

In order to achieve beachy waves, you should begin curling your ponytail (using an elastic that won’t crease). If you’re having trouble sectioning your hair or getting to the back, this hair trick can be a lifesaver. It also saves a significant amount of time.

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