Genetics Tells us Whether We’ll Have a Boy or a Girl

determining the gender of your unborn child

Are we talking about sons or daughters here?

Alleles are the two halves of a gene that are passed down from one parent to the other. According to Mr. Gellatly’s work, men may have two different allele types, which could result in three alternative gene combinations controlling the X and Y sperm ratios, respectively.

A man’s mm genotype produces more Y sperm and fathers more sons.

The second, known as the MF, contains roughly an equal number of sperm from each parent, as well as a roughly equal number of offspring.

The third, known as ff, produce more X sperm and has a greater number of female offspring.

How to know its baby girl or baby boy

We might be seeing an even distribution of men and women in populations because of a gene passed down from both parents that leads some men to produce more boys and some to have more daughters. As a result, if there are a lot of males in the population, “females will have an easier time finding a mate, which means that men who have a lot of daughters will pass on more of their genes, which means that more females will be born in the future.”

How much control over the sex of your child do you have?

A boy or a girl can be more likely if the following two hypotheses are true given the information presented above:

For this reason, if an egg is in the fallopian tube during an encounter between two people, a Y sperm has an increased chance of reaching it and fertilizing it, increasing the chances of giving birth to an unfertilized male child.

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If the egg is not in the fallopian tube at the time of intercourse, the sperm bearing an X chromosome will be able to survive longer until it reaches the fallopian tube, therefore increasing the chance of conception. As a result, the odds of the kid being a girl are higher.

It is Boy or girl!

There are two possible explanations for this: one is that having a boy is more likely if you engage in sexual activity after ovulation has happened, and the other is that if you engage in sexual activity beforehand, you are more likely to have a girl. This is because X-copy chromosomes are able to live longer in the fallopian tubes, allowing the egg to reach the uterus more quickly.

Remember that even if you know your ovulation date using an ovulation test, there is no assurance that the baby will be one or the other gender, and even if these procedures work, there is no guarantee that the baby will be one or the other.

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It all comes down to Dad’s genes

Let’s get back to the topic of ultrasounds. Since the father’s sperm contains both X and Y chromosomes, the baby’s sex is determined by the father’s genes, which I explain to my patients when they ask if there’s a 50/50 chance of either gender.

The sperm of a man must contain an equal quantity of X and Y chromosomes for this to be true. Combining the Xs of two men creates a girl, whereas doing the same with a woman’s X creates a boy. However, the sex ratio can be altered if the sperm doesn’t have an equal number of Xs and Ys or if other genetic factors are at play.

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Boy or Girl, It all comes down to Dad's genes

New methods for determining the sex of your child are now available

The gender of your baby can be properly determined even before the 16-week ultrasound.

From the sixth week of pregnancy onward, we can discover DNA fragments from placental cells in the mother’s bloodstream, as we detailed in the article on cell-free foetal DNA in maternal blood. Waiting until the 10th week of pregnancy is recommended in order to get an adequate amount of cell-free foetal DNA for testing.

This is a big deal because it allows us to find chromosomal problems in the foetus using a non-invasive screening procedure that only needs a blood sample from the mother.

In addition to detecting any chromosomal abnormalities in the infant, it is also possible to determine the foetal sex and see whether there are abnormalities in the sex chromosomes.

New Technology to determines the gender of child

What are your options for determining the gender of your unborn child?

When you’re pregnant, it’s normal to wonder if your kid is male or female. This interest extends back to ancient times. For example, in Corpus Hipocraticum medical documents, pregnant women’s traits were described to assist in discerning the sex of their baby before it was born. It was used in one example to show whether a woman was having a boy or a girl, depending on where her breasts were tilted.

As a result of popular belief, we now know that a pregnant woman’s round belly indicates the gender of her unborn child. If the bulge is pointy, it’s a boy; if the bump is rounder, the baby is female.

determining the gender of your unborn child

There is no scientific evidence to support this theory, but thanks to modern technological developments, we can correctly and safely detect the gender of the baby in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

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