Baby Hiccups : Know 7 Reasons And How to get rid of hiccups

Baby Hiccups : Know 7 Reasons And How to get rid of hiccups

Baby HiccupsThe cuteness of babies is overloaded while you staring at babies face. They do most adorable and cute things which also includes cute yawns to tiny coos and hiccups.

Hiccups are most common and normal part of development in babies. Even mothers can experience hiccups of the baby within their womb in the form of little rhythmic spasm.

Have you ever thought when and why do babies get hiccups? Mothers are more concern to get the answer of this. Usually babies hiccups because of the contraction of the diaphragm and immature developments of the organs. When they get mature or develop, the hiccups are lessened.

Why do babies get hiccups

Let’s find out the several reasons of why do babies get hiccups and how to get rid of hiccups.


Satiating with the breast milk can induce the stomach to become swollen with fluid or gas (bloating) or distension.  This can cause the abdominal cavity to expand the tiny diaphragm and in turn, trigger a spasm which induces the baby hiccups. Thus it is always advised to break off an overfeeding.

2. Mother’s Diet

 In some cases, the baby hiccups also depend upon the mother’s diet. Mothers have to avoid to eat caffeinated, soy foods, chocolates, wheat, eggs, peanuts and citrus fruits. Hence, avoid eating anything you suspect causes hiccups in your baby.

3. Change In Temperature

The body of babies not able to adjust the changes in temperature.  Drop in temperature or consume cold milk by warm babies promote hiccups. Temperature changes may also trigger the diaphragm muscles to spasm. So, it is imperative to maintain the temperature to get rid of hiccups.


Babies are more sensitive than the elders towards the atmospheric irritants because of their immature respiratory system. The atmospheric irritants and intense fragrances, or fumes could trigger repetitive coughing and sneezing. Which puts the pressure on the diaphragm, making it flutter and promotes the muscles to spasm. These can lead to baby hiccups.

5. Getting Too Much Air

A hungry baby feeds too fast and they swallow a lot of air along with the milk. It is genuine with feeding with the milk bottles that causes the faster milk flow than the mom’s breast. The excess air makes the diaphragm to contract and spasms that induces hiccups in babies.

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6. Allergies

Some babies are more sensitive to those proteins which are present in formula milk or also in your breast milk. And babies experience inflammation in their esophagus commonly known as Eosinophilic Esophagitis. It may also happen when the composition of mother’s milk changed due to certain foods. That would trigger the diaphragm flutters and cause hiccups.

7. Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD)

Everyone can have a state where the stomach contents flow back into the esophagus. This situation is called as Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD). It is common in babies because of an under-developed esophageal sphincter. This would create frequent hiccups and shows signs of abdominal pain, spitting up food or burping, and tends to arch when feeding.

How To Get Rid Of Hiccups Of Babies

Here are the various ways to get rid of hiccups of babies and have felt better.

1.Give Some Sugar

Feeding sugar is one of the oldest remedies to get rid of hiccups. If your baby able to take solid sugars then place some sugar under the baby’s tongue or you can dip his or her pacifier into the sugary syrup. And let them suck on it for a few minutes. You can also try to dip your finger into the sugar and let them lick. After this, you can observe that hiccups will most likely fade away.

2. Try Gripe Water

 There is no scientific confirmation that gripe water is effective against baby hiccups. But still, maximum parents use this remedy to ease intestinal discomfort in their children. Gripe water is a blend of herbs like fennel, ginger, and lemon that helps to treat intestinal and colic issues.  Feed your baby gripe water mixing with the water as it could be too strongly flavored.

3. Back Massage

A gentle back massage can relax the diaphragm of babies. You can set them upright over your shoulder and gently move your hand from the small of the back up to the shoulder. This will help to calm down your baby and get rid of hiccups. Another technique to get rid of hiccups is to place your baby on the ground or a bed on his or her belly. Then give them a toy to play and gently go ahead with the message.

4. Don’t Try These Remedies

Don’t try those remedies which are common folk remedies in some countries. Such as startling your baby, pressing on her eyeballs, pushing on her fontanel, or pulling her tongue. These can harm your child instead of curing of hiccups.

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How To Prevent Baby Hiccups

1.Monitor Your Baby Hiccups

Monitor your baby hiccups that when it occurring and note down it. Find out the exact reasons for this.

2.Changing Feeding Habits

Drinking a small amount of milk through breast help to relax the diaphragm. Try to feed your baby about half as much, twice as often, instead of big feed.

3. Burp Your Baby

Excess of air triggers the hiccups. Hence, to prevent the baby hiccups while switching your baby from one breast to the other take pause and burp him. If You use the bottle to feed then take a break to burp your baby. It can help relieve gas and stomach upset.

4. Set The Position

Always try to sit your baby upright during feedings. Shift him or her to a more upright (30- to 45-degree angle) while you feeding the baby. So, that it doesn’t get a chance to contract the diaphragm. And also make sure that your baby is latched on correctly and tightly to your nipple to prevent swallowing the extra air.

5. Avoid Food

Avoid eating those food items which may promote hiccups in your baby. If you are breastfeeding then try to avoid that food which may cause gas and hiccups in your nursing newborn. Try eliminating dairy products from your diet because it is a contributor to breast milk sensitivities in newborns.

6. Determine if Your Baby Has Reflux

Find out the different symptoms if your baby seems to have hiccups all the time. Such as colicky behavior, stomach pain, spitting up frequently.  If you’re concerned that your baby might have reflux then consult your pediatrician for treatment.

Hope now you  aware of why do babies get hiccups, How to prevent  and how to get rid of hiccups easily. If you know any other ways then please write us in comment, so we can spread your words with our users.

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