8 Easy Yoga Poses For Back Pain Relief in 15 Few Minutes

8 easy Yoga poses for back pain relief in 15 few minutes

8 easy Yoga poses for back pain relief in 15 few minutes

Acquiring back pain relief is the reason people switch to yoga.  There is lot of evidence about yoga relieving pains and aches, but the pain in the back is one biggie that people wish to switch to get relief through yoga for back pain.

Back pain is usually caused due to lack of mobility and it relates to hip problems. Ensure, to check the yoga pose if you feel it is causing problems. In case you suffered or are suffering with chronic back pain, back soreness or just feel the back needs a button to reset, you are absolutely in the right place.

Bear in mind, you must take care of your spine and back. There is a need to deepen over time the stretches as you have the tendency to stay flexible and ease of serious discomfort or the feel of pain any time. To begin with yoga poses for back pain relief, check it here.

Yoga for Back Pain Relief

1. Half Lord Fish Pose (spinal twist) – Ardha Matsyendrasana

Twists are absolute for the back pain as they decompress your spine. This can be done from a seated position. Begin by extending your right leg and position your left foot on the right thigh. Now rest, your forearm or right hand on left knee and twist gently to the left.

Half Lord Fish Pose - yoga for back pain relief

Position your left hand behind for support. You must shift your gaze the direction you turn so that there is not strain to your neck.  Take deep breaths and repeat the same on the other side.

2. Cow pose Yoga

These are great for breathing and helps in warming your back. They can be a gentle warm-up or an intense search.

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Maintain a tabletop position with wrists, hips and shoulders over your knees, place weight through legs and hands evenly. Place your weight evenly through shins, inhale and round your back.  Now pull your stomach towards the ceiling up. Arch the back while you exhale and focus on pushing glutes towards ceiling.


Perform 5-6 times, and breathe deeply through stretches. This pose increases the flexibility of the spine, shoulders and neck. The movement stretches the hips, abdomen, back, lungs and chest muscles. Especially inhaling during cow tilt promotes spinal primary curves; thereby improving and strengthening spine flexibility.

3. Cobra pose Yoga (Bhujangasana)

Cobra is performed intensely or gently, depending on your good feel.

Lay down facing on the floor positioning your hands close to your shoulders, keeping your feet tucked within.  Lift your shoulders gently using your upper back and also your chest off the ground, (try to avoid pushing too much with hands).  Concentrate on engaging back muscles.

Bhujangasana cobra pose yoga

Lower slightly down keeping your hands lightly touching the ground. Use your back muscles and lift off the ground and hold up. This may be an intense stretch, but increases strength and back flexibility.  Hold for 3-4 breaths, release, go lower, and repeat again.

4. Forward fold yoga pose(uttanasana) 

This forward fold poses increases your hamstrings flexibility and is absolute for hips and spine. This key pose relieves pain and tension in the back ensuring relaxation

uttanasana forward bend pose - yoga for back pain relief

Gently fold forward on your toes.  If you are unable to comfortably touch your toes, allow your hands hanging towards the floor. Avoid performing this pose too much; just relax, if you can hold for 30 seconds and for best effects repeat 3 times. 

5. Downward Facing Dog

Downward facing dog pose ensures flexibility. This works for the entire body, including arms, shoulders, hamstrings, back and chest. If possible, practice daily. Your feet may be set apart and spend for support your fingers wide. To warm up, pedal into feet. Bring one heel up and slowly the back down and repeat with other foot.

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Once you are comfortable enough, bring your chest and head towards the ground to increase stretch. Hold it for 10-30 seconds. 

6. Thread the needle yoga pose

This pose offers a twist and is great for the back.  Start on the floor with your knees and stretch hands in front of you. Use your left hand and through underneath your right hand thread it. Leave your left hand on the ground in resting position.

parsva balasana

Bring your head through and lift your gaze up high to increase the stretch. Take 3-4 deep breaths, and repeat. This is a good yoga for back pain relief.

7. Staff posture yoga

This is a great posture.  Improving your posture helps relieving back pain.

Simply keep your back straight as much as possible.  Position your toes pointed up or for support even slightly towards your body.


Try practicing this pose directly with your hands above your head position.  Hold for 30 seconds, and repeat it 3 times, practice once daily.

 8. Child’s yoga pose

The Child’s pose gives a great feel on the back. This is not an active pose and you may keep your body relaxed as much as possible.  It is the right yoga for back pain. 

Perform this pose after intense back poses (such as cobra or upward facing dog, etc.), or any other time you need, but practice at the end. It offers complete flexibility, loosens muscles and relieves back pain faster than ever.

Hope you like this post and perform above Yoga for back pain relief. If you are doing any other yoga and getting benefit then please share us in comment.

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