Are cashew nuts good for you? know 15 health benefits of cashew nuts

Are cashew nuts good for you? know 15 health benefits of cashew nuts

Are cashew nuts good for you? know 15 health benefits of cashew nutsI am a big fan of cashew nuts but I have also noticed there is a myth that revolves around me most of the times that they are not beneficial.

They are known to be full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals as well. These kidney shaped nuts can be your best mate. So for those who have question like  “are cashew nuts healthy”…Let’s see the benefits of cashew nuts below.

Health benefits of cashew nuts

Let’s start with benefit from most dangerous disease…..

1. Cancer prevention

This came as a surprise to me as well but I knew I was doing the right thing by eating them. Yes, the flavonols in them can fight against the tumor cells. Cashew nuts can keep you away from all sorts of cancer related issues.

2. Healthy heart

Cashew nuts benefits are for all ages. They contain less fat content due to which our heart remains healthy. They are cholesterol and calorie free as well. The antioxidants present in them can steer away the heart problems.

3. Blood pressure

Most of the times, I am worried about this one due to such stressful life around. A friend of mine was suggested cashews for blood pressure prevention and it actually worked. The magnesium in them can lower down the blood pressure level.

Now a days High blood pressure is very common so I think this is most important health benefits of cashew nuts.

4. Bones

Get healthier bones as you consume cashews. Cashew nuts are known to have enough nutrition that can keep the bones quite healthy. The calcium and magnesium offer enough strength.

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5. Prevention of gallstones

I used to have minor stones in my body. My doctor recommended cashews and the time when I started consuming them, I noticed a significant change. The daily intake of this one can deteriorate the risk of gallstones.

6. Weight loss

If you are someone who doesn’t like going to the gym but still wish to lose weight, try cashews then. The nuts have good cholesterol level in them. Eat them twice a week along with minimal exercise routine and notice your body change its shape.

But before you go for weight loss…I recommend you to know few things if you are trying to Lose Weight.

7. Better digestion

Cashew nuts help in digestion as well. They enhance the growth of nucleic acid which can aid digestion.

8. Vitamins

Cashews are high in vitamins as well. They contain riboflavin, pantothenic acid, niacin etc. They are known to keep you safe from pellagra and other related health problems.

9. Healthy nerves

Our bones are stored with magnesium. They block the entrance of calcium to the nerves. The blood vessels and muscles are relaxed. When you consume cashew nuts, the magnesium power gets boosted. Insufficient amount of it can lead to high blood pressure and also headache.

10. Gums and teeth

Eat cashews and see your teeth be happier always. The magnesium content in it are known to be good for bones. Cashews can hold them strong as you consume them.

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11. Pleasant sleep

I am an insomniac and my schedule is really weird. Cashew nuts help me balance it out. They are known to relax your muscles and also lend you pleasant sleep.

12. Free radicals

Cashew nuts can also fight the free radicals and eliminate them from the body. The free radicals cause a lot of damage to the body but thankfully we have cashews that can save us.

13. Reduce the chances of diabetes

Calories in cashews are lower and they contain no harmful cholesterol. This in itself make them safe for us to be consumed. The risk of type 2 diabetes is reduced with cashew nuts.

14. Boost immune system

Cashews are known to have zinc in them that can strengthen the immune system. The microbial infections are killed with cashews. A pregnant woman is advised to consume them as they are helpful for the growth of the baby.

15. Can treat depression

Consuming cashew nuts can also lower down the levels of depression. Having a couple of them have equal satisfaction like that of any anti-depressant. They have amino acids that break down in the body. I have noticed that they calm down the anxiety levels and promote happiness around.

Final word- Yes, there are many health benefits of cashew nuts. Just a few of them per day means you are granting your overall health enough nutrition.

I am doing my bit to stay healthy, are you?

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