Suffering From Diabetes? Here’s What You Need To Know

suffering from diabetes? here's what you need to know

suffering from diabetes

First of all to begin with explanation, I would like to tell that Diabetes is one of the most heartbreaking diseases for the ones who love munching sweets. As per diabetes research organization “more than 30 million Americans. Worldwide, it afflicts more than 422 million people. “

The problem begins when your blood glucose level increases more than permissible level. What ever food you eat ends up providing more glucose in the bloodstream. All this happens because of hormonal imbalance created by pancreas.

In normal cases, the glucose received from food is immediately transformed into energy and utilized by the cells of the body. so in order to enter food into cells, your insulin work as key to open your cells,  when your body doesn’t generate insulin well, the Glucose level keeps getting increased without getting converted into energy level.

Due to this, the overdose of glucose start creating several health problem which eventually becomes unmanageable.

People often call diabetes as Sugar in common terms. The borderline diabetes is not much serious. However, if not paid attention in due time, it can become a serious source of trouble.

People often take suggestion from other lay man and every time get different reason of diabetes…so better to know why first.

Why do people suffer from Diabetes?

People having sedentary Lifestyle, stress, smoking, improper eating habit and genetic defects are the ones who suffer from Diabetes. If you would ask is diabetes a disease? I would say that yes, it is a disease if you cannot manage it well.

Exceptionally, if you can alter your lifestyle and bring the insulin level to normal by monitoring the early signs of diabetes, it’s not a disease.

Consuming non diet soda on regular basis can induce the symptom of diabetes by 22%. The impact of sugary drinks for diabetes is reckless. Therefore, if a person has been detected with the early signs of diabetes, ditch soft drink right away.


People suffering from diabetes experience frequent urination and more thirst. The long term condition requires constant monitoring and medical supervision For avoiding any aggravation.

diabetes is one of the leading cause of kidney failure, heart failure,blindness and stroke.

Stats on diabetes

According to survey conducted in 2015 in United States, almost 30.3 million people were seem to suffer from Diabetes. Honestly, 9.4 % of population early signs of diabetes. World-wide, diabetes affects one out of four people on an average. Particularly if you have reached the age of 65 or above, 90% of people have a chance of suffering from diabetes.

According to 2013 survey mentioned in William textbook of endocrinology 382 million people throughout the world was suffering from diabetes during that time. The number is likely to increase with time and age.

More than 90% of the people in the world who are suffering from diabetes are suffering from type 2 diabetes. The most common symptoms are losing weight, frequent urination and risk of abdominal obesity.


How to detect diabetes?

It’s quite sad to know that people are recklessly developing type 2 diabetes after the age of 45. Mostly because of family disorders, overweight personality and lack of physical activity is stimulating the disease like Wildfire. High blood pressure and sedentary lifestyle is also a big contributor to the problem.

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Some of the most common effect of diabetes include

  • Kidney Disease
  • dental disease
  • eye problem
  • nerve damage
  • foot problem
  • heart disease

You can cure encounter early signs of diabetes by constantly monitoring your health and avoiding the reasons which contribute to the deadly health disease.

Is it possible for small children who suffer from Diabetes?

In a general term, the symptoms of diabetes in children lack of insulin production. Every person requires constant monitoring for a healthy survival. The missing insulin level in children is called juvenile. It is rather accompanied with several health diseases. The overwhelming risk factors of diabetes should be counter during the early stages before things go out of hand. Type 1 Diabetes in children need a thorough and consistent monitoring. The disease can be cured with regular insulin delivery and proper management of the problem.

Early symptoms of diabetes include –

  • More thirst/ frequent urination – enhancement of the sugar level present in the bloodstream of a person makes one feel recklessly thirsty. As a result, there is increased urination and incidences of bedwetting amongst children.
  • Weight loss – even if you eat more, the early symptoms of Diabetes would not like you gain weight. Since the consumed food does not gets converted into energy, there is no fat storage capacity in the body. The body shrinks resulting in unexplained weight loss.
  • Tiredness – since your body does not convert glucose into energy, symptoms of tiredness invariably induces.
  • Fruity smelling breath – the breadth of a diabetes affected person smells slightly sugary. Even the pee has slightly Sweet smell.
  • Blurry vision – in case the blood sugar level of a person increases farmer it affects the visible capacity of a person. One requires lenses and spectacles to focus upon things clearly.
  • yeast infection – yeast infection amongst small babies may be accompanied with rashes because of yeast infection.

You can see more symptoms of diabetes by infographics



Is there any way to escape diabetes?

As long as you can manage the these factors of diabetes, there is a high possibility for you to remain safe. And if you ask, Can Diabetes be cured? I would like to tell you a positive feedback saying that yes it’s a disease that can leave you forever. In order to encounter advance and early signs of diabetes, make sure that You are aware about the risk factors of diabetes very well.

  • Genetic susceptibility – genetic disorders present in the family history can reduce the risk of diabetes manifold.
  • family history – if anyone in your family who has the blood relation with you is known to suffer from Diabetes, there is a possibility for you to develop the condition without any failure.
  • Diet – the dietary factors have an enormous role play in inducing diabetes. Amongst children, early intake of cow milk has been known to create Type 1 Diabetes. Also, during the introduction of cereal, children have a risk factor of developing diabetes.
  • Virus – exposure to virus and lack of immunity results in complication and diabetes.

What are common medical complications in diabetes?

If you do not monitor the symptoms of diabetes for longer time, it can result in Irreversible damage. Diabetes can be life threatening if the risk factors and initial symptoms are not identified. Some of the worst medical complications arising out of diabetes are –

  • Kidney damage – Kidneys have a role play of filtering waste from the blood. Diabetes has a tendency to destroyed minute blood vessels present in form of clusters and the kidney. Severe diabetes can impact kidney and result in sheer requirement of kidney transplant or dialysis.
  • glaucoma – the blood vessels present in human eyes are damaged as an impact of diabetes. This can result in improper vision and eventual blindness. Diabetes can also result in cataract and multiple eye disorders.
  • Nerve damage – the neurological disorders are quite commonly known to occur as the symptom of diabetes in children and adults. Excess presence of blood sugar level in the body results in numbness in different body parts. The consistent tingling effect aggravates after a longer time period.
  • Cardiological problems – the list of diseases resulting out of diabetes or unlimited. One of the worst outcomes of diabetes is chest pain. Also, there is a possibility of heart stroke and narrowing of arteries. People who have a history of high blood pressure suffer from irreversible damage of blood vessels.
  • Bone problems – the lower density of bones results in fragility and osteoporosis.
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How to cure diabetes?

People commonly ask- is there a cure for diabetes? I say yes, if you have a proper lifestyle and constant monitoring of your health, it’s the best cure for the disease. Besides medical treatment, you can cure diabetes by following the herbal and therapies which permanently wipe away the disease.

There are several Ayurvedic and herbal therapies that act as a cure for diabetes. Few common ways of treating diabetes include –

  • Fenugreek
  • Ginger
  • aloe vera
  • Okra
  • Ginger
  • fenugreek
  • watermelon
  • bilberry extract

These are few common Herbs which acclaim to lower blood sugar levels gregariously. A number of clinical studies have proven that there is a strong connection between regulation and better blood flow. Above mentioned herbs are commonly used as a part of herbal treatment for diabetes. Different herbs are enriched with different vitamins and supplements that create a balance of insulin and avoid risk of diabetes and associated symptoms.

  • Consuming aloe vera write in the morning and at bedtime can control blood sugar levels enormously. It not only set you free from the Deadly disease but also works on different body parts for a better health.
  • Vitamin C is an excellent source of antioxidant. It is a way to cure chronic diabetes without undergoing any tough medical practice. You can consume Vitamin C enriched foods such as Amla, lemon, Blueberry and Tomato.
  • Exercise – lack of physical activity does the proper functionality of a body parts. With regular exercise such as yoga, meditation, aerobic and sports, you can naturally manage blood sugar levels .
  • Basil leaves encounter high blood sugar levels with natural antioxidants present. It stimulate cell functionality and makes your health better.
  • Bitter gourd – bitter gourd is known to enhance pancreatic insulin for clearing all the imbalances first so far. Nutrition expert often advice consuming bitter gourd as one of the best ways to cure diabetes.
  1. Can Diabetes be cured?

Yes, why not as long as you have a great determination to reverse the effect of the disease and practice a Healthy lifestyle, you can get rid of life threatening disease forever. Taking the help of medical experts and Natural Therapy can get you going Far away in life.

  1. Type of diabetes
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • type 2 diabetes.

These are the three major types of diabetes which result in Hindrance of insulin production in the body. No matter what kind of diabetes does not support, it results in chronic health problems and destruction of life quality.

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