Top 10 Foods Rich In Vitamin C That You Must Include In Your Everyday Diet

Top 10 Foods Rich In Vitamin C

Vitamin C is primarily known to boost the immune system of your body. It is also known as ‘Ascorbic acid’ scientifically. This is a vital vitamin as it helps to maintain your normal body functions. The rich antioxidants present in Vitamin C prevent your body cells from damage.

Top 10 Foods Rich In Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an insoluble vitamin and so your body cannot create this vitamin or store it. Thus, it is important to take this vitamin every day to avoid deficiency. It causes a disease known as Scurvy. Symptoms for vitamin C deficiency include lack of energy, bleeding gums and nose, etc.

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If you are facing any of these symptoms, you are at high risk. You need to take a sufficient amount of Vitamin C that is 45 grams per day according to the RDI (Recommended Dietary Intake). This quantity varies according to your age. Here are the top 10 rich sources of Vitamin C. Read this article fully to know how to consume this vitamin correctly.

  1. Guava: A Guava has vitamin C three times as that of an Orange which is 200mg/100g. It is also rich in vitamin A, folic acid, and other minerals that include potassium, copper, sodium, and manganese. It has less saturated fat and cholesterol, and more fibre.
  2. Blackcurrant: The quantity of vitamin C present in Blackcurrant is the same as that of Guava. It is rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, and potassium. It cures inflammation in your body and also urinary tract infections.
  3. Capsicum: Capsicum is available in two colours that are red and green. Red capsicum has vitamin C twice as that of green capsicum. Red capsicum – 140mg/100g and green capsicum – 80mg/100g. It is also rich in other nutrients like vitamin B6, potassium, and iron.
  4. Broccoli: Broccoli is a great immune booster and fights against cancer. Its quantity of vitamin C is 89mg/100g. It has other powerful nutrients like beta keratin, carotenoids, constituents of vitamin B, calcium, fibre, and zinc.
  5. Strawberry: Strawberry is a tasty fruit loaded with nutrients. It has 80mg of vitamin C per 100grams. It also contains antioxidants and fibre. This fruit keeps your body fresh all day long.
  6. Kiwi: Kiwi is another fruit loaded with many nutrients. The vitamin C content in this fruit is 70mg/100g. It has antioxidants, potassium, omega 3 fatty acids, and potassium.
  7. Papaya: Papaya is a special fruit that is known for an enzyme (papain) that makes the digestion process easy and helps the body to extract more nutrients. It has 62gm of vitamin C per 100g, antioxidants, and vitamin A. It protects your body from cervical cancer.
  8. Brussel Sprouts: It is a powerful food that contains good phytochemicals that fight against cancer. It also contains folate, iron, and 60mg of vitamin C per 100g. Consumption of sprouts make you active all day long and greatly improves your productivity.
  9. Orange: Orange along with the other cutters fruits are rich sources of vitamin C that are easily available. It has 50mg vitamin C per 100g. It builds your body’s resistance against cold fever and common flu. It also increases your blood circulation and lowers your blood cholesterol level.
  10. Cauliflower: Cauliflower belongs to the family of Broccoli and Brussel sprouts. The quantity of vitamin C present in this vegetable is 46mg/100g. It also has anti-cancer phytochemicals, vitamin B, and vitamin K.
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Now that you know the top food sources that are rich in vitamin C, it’s in your hand whether or not to consume it correctly. An important thing to note about vitamin C is that it is a raw vitamin. It means that the nutrient content of vitamin C will die when it is boiled.

Thus it is highly recommended to take it in a raw format like fruits. Make sure you peel or cut the fruit only before eating, because the nutrients may go down when the freshness of the fruits are gone.

If you are taking vegetables, do not boil it more than a particular extent. If you do so, there will be no vitamin C in the food that you consume. If possible, try to eat vegetables raw as it helps you get the full nutrient content present in it.

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