Best Home Remedies To Remove Facial Hair And Prevention Tips

Best Home Remedies To Remove Facial Hair

Although, we girls have developed love towards hair since the time we were born and handle it with extreme care and protection but this is not the case of facial hair. Facial hair is something that makes us feel awkward in public and private gatherings and disturbs our overall look.

The conventional solution to this problem is to shave but it has numerous side-effects such as it makes skin rough, it fastens the hair growth in future. So, better to follow some natural remedies to treat them.

Best Home Remedies To Remove Facial Hair

Here I would help you by mentioning some of the best and the most worked natural remedies and some natural tips to prevent their growth.

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Mixture of sugar and lemon:

Mixture of sugar and lemon

Since ages, this has been the most worked and simple remedy to remove facial hair. Just take 2 table-spoons of sugar and 2 table-spoons of lemon juice and add to them 7-8 spoons of water in a bowl. Let the mixture boil for a few minutes, till you see boil-bubbles and let the mixture cool.

Apply the mixture in required areas and let it dry completely and then wash it with cold water rubbing gently (in the direction opposite to the hair growth).

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Sugar acts as a natural exfoliator and lemon acts as natural bleach, and hence their combination acts as a miraculous mask.

This mask is suitable for all skin types.

Mixture of turmeric and curd:

Take a quarter tablespoon of organic turmeric and a tablespoon of gram-flour add them two tablespoons of curd and mix it well to make a thick paste without any lumps.

Apply the mixture all-over your face. Let it dry completely for 20-25 minutes and then rub it gently in the direction opposite to your hair growth and later wash off the residue with warm water. This mask works well not only to remove facial hair but it also removes black-heads or white-heads.

Mixture of turmeric and curd

Try to use this mask once a day, you will see the amazing results in a week.

Mixture of egg-white and cornstarch:

Take a table-spoon of cornstarch and sugar each and add them to a tablespoon of egg white. Mix them well without any lumps and apply it on the affected areas. Let it dry and remove the mask smoothly.

It is to be noted that this is not recommended for acne-pore skin and egg-white is rich in vitamin A that may lead to skin break out.

Mixture of orange juice and gelatin:

Add a table-spoon of powdered gelatin in half a tablespoon of hot water and mix it well. Now take this solution and mix with it a tablespoon of fresh orange juice and add a pinch of organic turmeric to it. Mix them well to form a thick paste.

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Apply it on to your skin in thick layers, let it dry completely, and peel the mask off once it gets dried.

This mask results in amazing results just in initial trials. Give it a try.

Mixture of orange juice and gelatin

These are some of the most worked home-remedies to get-rid of facial hair. Follow any of the remedies regularly and patiently. Don’t jump off for fast and instant results, if you follow any of these remedies constantly, it not only removes but also reduces and prevents facial hair growth.

You can also follow below simple tips to say good-bye to facial hair permanently.

Simple tips to follow:

The primary cause of unwanted hair growth is irregular production of hormone called testosterone. This is actually a male dominated hormone but in females it is present in small quantities, if its level gets increased in the body it leads to symptoms like unwanted hair growth. However, this can be controlled to some extent by intake of proper food and following healthy diet.

Simple tips to follow

Particularly foods with low glycemic index would help you achieve this easily. Include food like apples, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and leafy vegetables in your diet.

Try to avoid chemical filled skin products as far as possible.

If you have any kind of PCOS or PCOD problems, then it can be the reason for your unwanted hair. Consult your doctor in this case.

These are some of the home remedies and tips to deal with facial hair.

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