How To Lose Thigh Fat In a Fast And Easy Way

How To Lose Thigh Fat In a Fast And Easy Way

There are certain parts of the body where fat seems to love to settle, and the thighs are one of those areas. We all dread the day we look in the mirror and see that we now have the horrendous “thunder thighs” we swore would never be part of our bodies! Well, don’t despair, you can lose thigh fat easily by following the guidance set out below.

But first, ignore anyone who says that exercising your legs will make your thigh muscles look big and ugly. This is just a myth promulgated either by those who are averse to exercise or, worse, people peddling pills or potions they claim will solve your problems with no dieting, exercise or willpower needed.

How To Lose Thigh Fat In a Fast And Easy Way

You actually need all three – eating good food, getting up and doing something and a desire to succeed. You already have the last of those, because you have acknowledged you have an issue you want to deal with and are actively looking for a solution – that is why you have read to here.

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As for food, probably the most important thing you can do is cut out salt, altogether if possible. This is because excessive use of salt can lead to water retention, which may be the thigh problem rather than fat. Then reduce your intake of carbohydrates and sugars, many of which are empty calories and hang around on your thighs. Try and restrict your choice to complex carbohydrates such as brown rice oatmeal and yams, as they take longer to digest so keep you feeling full longer. Increase your consumption of protein as this helps build muscle instead of fat. There are many foods you could choose – eggs, chicken (minus skin), fish, red meat, legumes and beans. Try and have vegetables in at least two meals a day, and steam them. This keeps in more nutrients. Summarizing the food advice – eat healthily!

Next, what exercising should you do to help reduce the fat? Whatever you choose, make sure you exercise all of the lower body, not just the thigh area, because if you don’t you risk hurting yourself, and might even get fat build up in other areas. You need to be happy with what you choose, or else you will not stick to it. The fat did not appear overnight, so be realistic and accept it will not disappear overnight.

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Many people have successfully tackled this problem by simply walking or cycling, on flat even ground, for forty five minutes a day, four days a week. A stationary bike is quite acceptable. You should walk or ride fast enough to get the blood pumping but still be able to hold a conversation. And yes, if a friend joins you the workout will be even more enjoyable.

As well as the walk/ride, get into the habit of going up and down stairs and steps whenever you get the chance. You might even get a little stool or a box and use it to step up and down on a couple of times a day.

Employ the above advice and you will lose lose that thigh fat easily.

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