7 things to do if your job is making you feel depressed

7 things to do if your job is making you feel depressed

7 things to do if your job is making you feel depressedDoes your job make you feel miserable and upset most of the times? Do you head out feeling demotivated?

If all these signs are what you face on a daily basis then it’s obvious you hate to be in such an atmosphere. Here are some signs to look out for if it’s true or not.

Symptoms of feeling depressed

  • You think about your job throughout the day.
  • You hate to leave for office in the mornings.
  • Social events with coworkers are not exciting.
  • You exclude everything good from this job.
  • Health issues are a part of you now.
  • You don’t care about your performance or appraisal anymore.

If these are the signs you have been constantly facing, this is what you need to do:

1. Figure it out

The first step to deal with any sort of job is to understand what the core problem is. People feel this way for many reasons and feel quite depressed at work place.Figure out what the core problem is.

Personally, when I felt this way, I decided to speak to my boss about it. I found a solution for it and later on it worked out right for me.

2. Change the way you feel

It’s quite imperative that you hold yourself, take yourself out of the negativity. Bring an end to the stories your mind creates about your job.

I understood one thing that only I can change the way I feel about a certain situation. Don’t cling onto negativity and the next time you find yourself there, think how to replace it with a positive thought.

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3. Shift your perspective

When I say this line, I mean to convey that you think of how miserable others feel. Your situation might be less harmful than the rest. These are some people who have to earn extra money, be at work place for hours and still find themselves in the worst conditions.

When I felt this way, I started thinking of other scenarios. I felt blessed that at least my situation wasn’t as bad.

4. Don’t lose hopes

It happened quite a lot of times with me that I cursed my own career for it. I realized how wrong I was. Its always better to learn than to crib.

Find more and more information every day and prove yourself. Focus on learning. I have worked as a writer and have found it repetitive as well. What broke the monotony for me was talking to my co-workers and learning about their work focus as well. These relationships will let you cope up.

5. Connect your job with important things in life

Why do we have the need to earn money? To grown in our careers but also to support our families, right?

Every time I felt down at my workplace, I would look at the pictures of my family and realize they are important for me. They help in motivating and you will know how supportive they have been throughout this time. You are lucky enough you have a job like that!

6. Focus on other things

Your mind is constantly thinking but it’s necessary that you end it. If nothing works, engage yourself in extra activities that help you deal with a situation. This doesn’t mean you start smoking or drinking.

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Explore different hobbies and get involved with them. If you are too inclined on changing your career or job then go for it. Just remember it takes time when you start from the scratch.

7. Be glad

Yes, bosses have a very intimidating personality but that doesn’t mean you give up. Try and try until you feel its right. My boss complained many a times when I failed but at the end I understood that it got me more opportunities.

Remember, that it’s okay for your boss to get mad at you because if they are always sweet to you, you won’t learn anything. Be glad about it and try to make the most of what you have.

These are some things to check and act upon. The time is now and right to decide what you really want to do. Physical as well as anxiety signs will occur but that doesn’t mean you give up. Just know your talents will bring good results for you one day and you will be proud of yourself soon!

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