6 Best Beard Trimmers that surely Give You The Perfect Trim

6 Best Beard Trimmers that surely Give You The Perfect Trim

Beard Trimmers that surely Give You The Perfect Trim

Just like every bad hair day a girl faces, same is the case with boys when it comes to their beards. Quiet hot in trend with days like ‘No Shave November’ almost every other guy you spot around you has a grown beard. (Also, after the research statement, “Women are more attracted to men with beards”.)

In the whole run of having a good beard to asking a girl out for a date (Just saying), you need to take some efforts to keep your lush healthy. To keep things in place, beard trimmer is a must-have tool for your shaving needs.

It ensures that your beard maintenance is right in place. Whether long, subtle or short- your hair needs grooming after all.

However, when we talk about the perfect tool for your perfect beard, there are a certain things you need to watch out for. After all you don’t want to end you spending unnecessarily which not only burns a hole in your pocket but also is difficult to handle.

That’s why let us discuss about certain things which you need to keep in mind before choosing your beard partner.

Here’s a checklist for you-

  • Know your needs first– what kind of beard do you want? Long, short or subtle? This point is important because it helps you select the trimmer which has customizable blade sizes.
  • Quality is what you should be looking for – Never miss out on a good product which ensures quality and lingers around for a longer period of time. Good quality trimmers provide better control and grip over the product. After all, quality is what you need!
  • Versatility is strength – Are you going to use the trimmer only for your beard needs? Or you plan to use it on other parts of your body as well? If that’s the case, then having a trimmer which can be used in dry and wet conditions.
  • Cord or Cordless? – Wanderer or the one who prefers to stay at home? If you’re someone who’s always on the go, then a trimmer with long lasting chargeable battery is your catch. Having a trimmer with a cord will save you from the timely hassle of charging it.
  • Don’t miss out on the blades– Blades made up of stainless steel, chromium or titanium are much more long lasting and provide better comfort. Also, they don’t catch rust easily and double edged blades gives better cutting precision.
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Now that you’re all geared up, let’s have a look at 6 Best Beard Trimmers which is worth every penny-

Beard trimmer reviews – Choose best one

1. Hatteker 3 in 1 best trimmer for men

Hatteker 3 in 1 Beard Trimmer- $ 29.99 , Rated 4.8 stars out of 5 on amazon.com.this Trimmer Kit For Men Cordless Mustache Trimmer & body Hair Trimmer.

It is reviewed as #1 New release best seller. It is also a best-seller on amazon.com recommended by experts. The product specifications include-

  • Waterproof body.
  • The dock always keeps the trimmer charged so you don’t have to worry about running out of the battery.
  • Customizable with 5 different blades for your multi-purpose needs.
  • The 420 steel moving and running blades co-ordinate to give you more pruning and produces less heat.
  • Equipped with 2 point-pressing cutter replacement button. Operate, Lock and Replace in just 2 seconds with a single press button.
  • Different combs and smooth blades ranging from 3mm to 12mm for all your body hair needs.
  • In the box- Trimmer, 11 guide combs, clipper with blade guard, charging dock and charger, barber comb, styling comb, cleaning brush, blade oil and user manual in 4 different languages.



2. Gillette ProGlide Men’s 3-In-1 Body Groomer & Beard Trimmer

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Men’s 3-In-1 Body Groomer and Beard Trimmer- $ 23.99, Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars on amazon.com.

Gillette being one of the most trusted companies when it comes to grooming, this beard trimmer cum body groomer won’t disappoint you either. Let’s see what Gillette has to offer-

  • Braun engineered technology which gives you a smooth and clean shave.
  • Includes three combs as per your custom length.
  • Strong and edgy blades for precise cutting.
  • Slim body and easy to handle.
  • Long lasting Lithium batteries which are easily rechargeable.
  • In the box- Organizer, battery, trimmer, charger and 3 combs.



3. Hattekar Hair and Beard Cordless Trimmer – USB recharge able

Hattekar Cordless Trimmer – USB Recharge- $ 36.99, Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on amazon.com.

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Another best seller from Hattekar which is worth every penny. This one includes-

  • Washable titanium ceramic blade.
  • LED display which shows cutting length and battery level.
  • 6 comb attachments and 4 adjustable clippers for your beard and other body hair.
  • The option of USB charge. Also, fast charging in just in hour and can operate upto 60 minutes.
  • Comes with a travel bag which is comfy to carry around.
  • In the box- Trimmer, oil, travel bag, 6 combs and 4 clippers, hair comb, clean brush, charger with stand.



4. Philips Norelco Multigroom All-In-One Series 3000, 13 attachment trimmer, MG3750

Philips MG3750- $ 19.95, Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars on amazon.com.

Philips being a magnet in tools and appliance industry, MG3750 is just the right product to use without burning a hole in your pocket. The specifications are-

  • 13 different pieces for different body hair needs.
  • DualCut Technology which offers 2x self sharpening blades.
  • Washable blades which doesn’t require oiling.
  • Battery life- 60 minutes.
  • In the box- Storage bag, trimmer, 13 pieces, charger, steel detailer, 3 hair cutting guards, 3 beard trimming guards and 1 stubble trimming guard.



5. Remington Virtually Indestructible 21-Piece Clippers Kit, (Colors Vary) HC5850

Remington HC5850- $28.99, Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars on amazon.com.

Remington provides an affordable product with good tools for use. Along with some style it also offers-

  • 21 piece kit which includes beard brush, length adjusting combs, styling comb and oil.
  • Powercut Blade System which offers a smooth, even cut. Other options which are available just by swapping out includes T blade, Bladder blade etc.
  • Super Magnet Motor gives you 2x faster cutting experience and also prevents nicks.
  • The Precision Ground blades sail through the thickest and shabbiest hair with ease.
  • Easily removable blades makes it convenient to clean them and keep them hygienic.
  • 10ft cord for seamless movements and smooth functioning.
  • In the box- Trimmer, haircut kit clippers, 8 combs, sisccors, cleaning brush, oil, cape, blade guard, storage case and user manual.



6. SUPRENT  5 in 1 MULTI-FUNCTIONAL Trimmer ( BT235B)

Suprent 5 in 1 Multifunctional Trimmer BT235B- $27.99, Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars on amazon.com.

Another best seller on Amazon, this product is slim, stylish and offers-

  • Charging dock technology which keeps your trimmer ready for use.
  • Lithium-ion battery which works upto 60 minutes after 2 hours of charge.
  • Washable and high-performance blades.
  • Cutter replacement with just a single press , full size trimmers with adjustable combs.
  • In the box- Trimmer, blades,charging dock, cleaning brush, 11 combs, styling comb, blade oil and user guide.



So this are the list of best beard trimmers. If you are using something better than this then please write us in comment so we can share with our users.

Also, don’t forget to finish with some good beard oil. That’s all folks, cheers!


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