10 Food Items That Help You Sleep Better

10 food items that help you sleep better

10 food items that help you sleep better

It takes me ample amount of time to sleep when I decide to head to bed. I didn’t know the possible reasons for this one. That’s when my mom told me about these food items that I should consume before sleeping.

Honestly, since the time I started having it, I have been able to sleep better. Find them below and get enough sleep now on!

1. Bananas

Are you not able to catch sleep? Eat a banana then.

banana help in sleeping

As they are high in potassium they can instantly help the restless in you. They also lend enough magnesium that relaxes the muscles and promotes healthy blood circulation in the body. Make a smoothie if you like but have it to enjoy blissful sleep time.

2. Salmon

Take rest after you have had salmon because this one offers a proper dose of omega 3 fatty acids that can reduce the stress hormones in the body.

salmon for good sleep

You can have fish instead of salmon in case you are not a fan of it. They are known to have vitamin B-6 that can make you feel sleepy.

3. Cherry juice

Before you don’t feel like sleeping again, this is the way out. It doesn’t disrupt your sleep patterns. A glass of this one is a natural source of melatonin.

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Cherry juice for good sleep

I have myself had this one and felt really drowsy after one glass of it. It’s known to be a perfect bedtime snack for all of us.

4. Kale

The best salad maker ever! Yes, even this one is high is potassium and calcium. They are known to have sleep inducing properties that can help you sleep better. Crunch it well and have it in your meal.

Kale for good sleep

You can also switch to spinach if you like as they grant enough potassium too.

5. Sweet potatoes

They are also high in potassium and they can relax the muscles as well. They aid circulation in the body. I find them quite tempting and I try to eat it before I head to bed so I can have my peaceful sleep time. They are also a good source of carbs. You can also try papayas and lima beans to sleep.

Sweet potatoes for good sleep

6. Almonds

Even almonds are are a great source for magnesium. My mother told me they can increase brain health but they are good source that offer peaceful sleep also.

Almonds for good sleep

They have proteins in them that help us. Have a handful of them before bed.

7. Eggs

Many of you may not know this one but eggs are quite helpful to sleep off. Even they are high in protein and can keep up the sugar levels better.

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Eggs for good sleep

Enjoy having them with a toast before you head to bed but don’t overeat as it can make you feel bloated.

8. Milk

Prefer having soy milk as it is proved to be beneficial to give you sufficient and peaceful sleep. There is still no evidence if cow milk helps in sleep or it doesn’t. Have warm milk before bed.

Milk for good slee

Soy products induce sleep faster than others. Choose an organic brand and not any random one.

9. Walnuts

Even walnuts are known to have melatonin in them. They also contain tryptophan which is an amino acid that results in peaceful sleep. Have them before sleep and notice the changes in your pattern.

Walnuts for good sleep

10. Chamomile tea

Drinking tea is known to have glycine in it that can relax the nerves and muscles as well. Try it out as it includes mild sedative in them that will help your whole body feel better.

Chamomile tea

Final words: Who doesn’t love to sleep? After a long, stressful day that’s all we ask for. Now, these food buddies will definitely help you out without any complaints. Thank us later for the solutions we’ve offered!

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