How To Detox After An Overdose Of Alcohol At The Party

How to Detox after an Overdose of Alcohol at the Party

How to Detox after an Overdose of Alcohol at the Party

Over-indulged on alcohol? Half the world has already been there and one that, since our lifestyle has gone for a toss, in the modern age. But the worry is that how to detox the body after an alcohol overdose.

And more than that, how does one determine the alcohol overdose symptoms. This article of mine, derived from the advice from Dr Vidya Sinha Malcom, a Senior Physician at Sydney, Australia will not only help you learn the symptoms of alcohol overdose, but also help out what to do after it.

First things, first. How do we know that we have over-indulged in alcohol or the drink has done harm to our body as well the senses?

  1. Dr Vidya says, “When you are impatient about when next or how early can you get the next drink, consider it the foremost symptom. This is where you need to get highly alert.”
  1. She adds that withdrawal symptoms like nausea, insomnia as well as sweating in the absence of alcohol also indicate signs of alcohol abuse.
  1. “When you are not satisfied with just one or two drinks or feel the urge to have a drink after you wake up, — this is the extremely alarming sign by the body that you have crossed the first stage of ‘slight addition’ and are falling deeper into the pit! ” Dr Vidya points out.
  1. Last but not the least, trying to hide-out and drink or worsening relations with the family over their request to you to shun alcohol.

Now let’s discuss, what to do after an alcohol overdose. How to detox the body the next day or in the coming 48 hours.

1. NO ALCOHOL next few days

“Give your liver a break for the next three days after an overdose the previous day. Remember liver is one of the vital organs and all the toxin generated needs to be flushed out. Even if you are a party animal, remember that animals don’t drink at all !” says Dr Vidya Sinha Malcom who’s famous for the rehab of patients of alcohol abuse.

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2. Cut Down on Harmful Fats

Do not consume processed & packaged food, fried food, fast food since your liver is already bearing the brunt of an overdose last night.


After an alcohol overdose the previous nights, your next three meals must have a lot of fruits. Extra and toxic trans-fat found in processed foods will contribute to fatty liver disease, which in long run has no recovery.

3. Drink Lots Of Water

Rather than going for tea of coffee, almost double the intake of water for the next two days for the urine to flush out the body toxins. provide your liver with natural detoxification after symptoms of an alcohol overdose.

4. Cut Sugar Intake

When alcohol is still floating in your bloodstream, it becomes the primary source of body-fuel over other food resources. So anything you eat in its presence, will be stored in the system as body fat. And this condition will last for several days post a drinking session, in general as well.

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less sugar after alcohol overdoes

Dr Vidya says, “In this scenario an overdose of sugar/fructose will overwhelm the liver, thereby contributing to fatty liver as well as insulin resistance. So cut down on desserts of any form as well as aerated sweet drinks.”

5. Avoid Intake of Paracetamol

In usual cases of hangover headaches, people tend to pop Paracetamol tabs for instant relief. “This is a dangerous habit, since it exacerbates an already overloaded liver. And with people already suffering from a fatty liver or any other liver disease, popping a Paracetamol might prove fatal too,” cautions Dr Vidya.

6. Ensure a Regular Bowel Movement

Just like flushing body toxins out through Urine, it is important to flush our remaining toxins through bowel. And for any person –  whether a social drinker or a regular one, must ensure regular fibre intake in the body. “This comes from consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts & seeds as well as whole-grains….and that too as a must after an overdose of alcohol, for the next few days,” informs Dr Vidya.

Regular bowel movement is anyway a must for a healthy body.

Dr Vidya’s parting shot is: “The key to detox your body is by ensuring no alcohol overdose or at-least not a frequent one. So attend parties, chill our with friends but remember ‘MODERATION’ is the golden principle for a healthy body. Excess of anything and everything is bad.”

If you have further queries, please do leave them in the comments column. We will get you direct advice from Dr Vidya.

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