Preparing Classic Garlic Aioli Sauce

Preparation of Garlic Aioli serve with french fries

What exactly is an aioli with garlic?

At fast food restaurants, I wish they provided jars of aioli rather than individual packets of ketchup instead. (Long car rides with children would be much more comfortable if this were the case.) Mayonnaise is the foundation of garlic aioli; lemon and garlic are the only other ingredients. Either you may start with mayonnaise that you got from the shop and add some lemon and garlic to it, or you can create your own mayonnaise at home using eggs and olive oil, which is the traditional recipe (cheater recipe). Both are really mouthwatering in their own right.

Preparation of Garlic Aioli

What Kinds of Ingredients Go Into Making Garlic Aioli Sauce?

This recipe for absurdly simple garlic aioli sauce calls for items that you probably already have in your kitchen, so give it a shot! The necessary components are listed here (the recipe card, including the complete directions, may be found below!)

  • Garlic
  • Kosher salt
  • Lemon zest and lemon juice
  • Dijon mustard
  • Egg and egg yolk
  • Vegetable oil and/or olive oil

Instructions for Preparing Garlic Aioli Sauce

  • This is the traditional method for making the dish. To begin, mash some minced garlic with some kosher salt in a mortar and pestle. I want all of the garlic. Please?
  • Continue to pound the ingredients together until a paste is formed. Then, while the water is flowing, rub your fingertips down the edge of the side of your chef’s knife. Do you have any idea how to perform this trick? It removes the pungent smell of garlic from your fingers. It is quite effective. If you’ve never given it a shot, prepare to be blown away.
  • Let your garlic marinade in some lemon juice for around 15 minutes. The flavour of the garlic will be absorbed by the lemon juice, and everything will get nice and cosy. If you are not a fan of garlic, or if you have an important guest coming over, for example, you can remove some of the garlic at this point, up to half of it, or even a little bit more. Because it has already done its work on the lemon juice, the flavour of the garlic that is left in your mouth will be much more muted. Since I’m a huge fan of garlic, I didn’t leave any of it out.
  • Add in an egg and a yolk.

Guys, this next stage is extremely significant! Now is the time to take notice.

To properly incorporate the oil into the lemony-garlicky-egg mixture, you will need to emulsify it. When the oil is added to the lemon mixture, it is imperative that the mixture be continuously moving. If it is not moving, the two will never merge, and once that does, there is very little room for error. There are three different approaches to take here:


Blender: You have to reduce the speed of the blender and SLOWLY pour the oil in through the spout on the top of the appliance.

Bowl and whisk: You have to whisk consistently and furiously while you slowly trickle in the oil. This is really important.

Immersion blender: This is the only option that allows you to put all the oil in at once, so use it. The oil should be added on top of the eggs. Turn the speed of your immersion blender down to its lowest setting, and then use it to completely pulverize the contents of the jar. Before the aioli is completely emulsified, go SLOWLY and gradually upwards toward the top of the jar with the blender.

If you follow these instructions, you will end up with an aioli that is gorgeous and creamy! If you don’t, you’ll end up with a greasy and unhappy mess.

In this recipe, we will be using a combination of olive oil and vegetable oil in equal parts. (Because olive oil has a rather robust flavour, we need to cut it with an oil that has a more muted profile.)

What to Have with Garlic Aioli and Other Sauces

When you first try aioli, you won’t know what to put it on, but after that, you’ll want to put it on everything. The real challenge is what NOT to eat with aioli. However, here are some thoughts:

  • Use French fries or sweet potato fries as a dip for a tray of fresh vegetables like carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, snap peas, and so on.
  • Put it on a sandwich and eat it. Incomparably superior to mayonnaise,
  • The same goes with hamburgers. You are not living life to the fullest if you have never enjoyed a hamburger topped with aioli.
  • Toss artichokes that have been roasted in it.
  • Fried zucchini
  • Stir some into your potato salad.
  • Serve as a dip with sheet pan-cooked sausage and vegetables.
  • For a treat that’s high in carbohydrates, mix it with some hot pasta.
  • These roasted potatoes with three ingredients are perfect for dipping in aioli.
  • Accompany it with salmon cakes while serving.
  • Aioli would go great with these bacon-wrapped potatoes.
  • Mix it into a tuna salad.


  • Classic Homemade Aioli
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1 teaspoon lemon zest
  • 2 tablespoons + 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard, optional
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil, or light-tasting olive oil
  • parsley, to garnish, (optional)

Preparation of Garlic Aioli serve with french fries

The Traditional Homemade Method for Making Aioli:

  1. Crush four individual cloves of garlic using the flat side of a chef’s knife. After removing the peels, the garlic should be minced very finely.
  2. On top of the garlic, sprinkle one teaspoon’s worth of kosher salt. Repeatedly mashing the garlic and salt together with the broad side of the chef’s knife will result in the formation of a paste. View images here.
  3. Put the salt and garlic in a blender, or if you want to use an immersion blender, put them in a mason jar or anything else you want to mix in. If you plan to use a blender, put it in whatever you want to blend in. (If you are not going to be using a blender, see the note!)
  4. To the salt and garlic, add approximately one teaspoon of lemon zest. When it comes to zesting, one of my favourite tools to utilise is my microplane grater. It is so razor-like.
  5. Combine the garlic with the juice of two tablespoons and two teaspoons of lemon. Mix in around a half of a teaspoon of Dijon mustard. After combining the ingredients with a spoon, give the mixture about 15 minutes to sit at room temperature so that the flavours can become acquainted with one another.
  6. At this point, if you are sensitive to the flavour of garlic, you can use a spoon to remove part of the garlic from the mixture. After only 15 minutes in the marinade, the garlic has already performed a great deal of transformation on the lemon juice. Because I am such a garlic fanatic, I kept it all in there. But if you are going to be kissing someone in the near future, you should probably take out some of the minced garlic—up to half or even more of it—being careful to drain it properly so that you don’t lose any of the lemon juice.
  7. Add 1 large egg and 1 egg yolk.
  8. Please pay attention right now. You are not one of the many people who make this mistake; others do it all the time. While the blender is running, slowly trickle in half a cup of olive oil and half a cup of olive oil with a lighter flavour (or any vegetable oil). If you are going to make this in a bowl, start drizzling the oil into the bowl VERY SLOWLY as you are stirring the mixture continually.
  9. Blend or whisk until the consistency is smooth. If you try to combine (emulsify) the ingredients by adding all of the oil to the blender or bowl at once without having the blender running or whisking continuously, the ingredients will not combine, and you will be left with an oily mess.
  10. If you are going to be blending the ingredients using an immersion blender, add all of the oil at once and position the blender so that it is completely submerged in the liquid. Blend on low, slowly increasing the speed of the blender as you move it higher and higher until the mixture is completely emulsified.
  11. To taste, add more salt, pepper, lemon juice, or Dijon mustard, if desired.
  12. Finish with finely chopped fresh parsley.
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