The Perfect Pre and Post Workout Meals

The Perfect Pre and post workout meals

Perfect Pre and post workout meals

When it comes to fitness, there are few queries like how to get the most out of your workouts, how to feel energized enough, how to lose weight quickly etc.

Well, there are certain diet plans and meals that affect certain situations. The single answer to these queries is, eat and eat the right amount of food at right time intervals.

Feeding your body before and after your workout session is the best way to take care of your body and its nutrient requirements, muscle building process and much more.

How is pre-workout meals beneficial?

If you are working out empty stomach, you can actually cause muscle loss which will ultimately slow your metabolism.

The pre-workout meal is essential to fuel our body. If we cannot reach from A to D destination without petrol in our car, then, in the same way, we cannot work out without fuel in our body.

Therefore, if you want to train yourself properly, it’s vital for you to provide your body with appropriate energy and nutrients.

Pre-workout meals will give You More Energy to perform at your best. Eating the right kind of food means you will top up the glycogen stores and will also create an anabolic environment in the body.

Therefore, whatever you eat, make sure that it contains all the macronutrients namely, carbohydrates, protein, and fats in a proper ratio. It’s better to avoid the higher intakes of fat as it may make you heavy and sluggish.

If you are taking higher proportions of proteins then it will help you in preventing the muscle breakdowns as there will be enough amino acids in the body. Carbohydrates intake will reduce the chances of a crash and burn during your workout.

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Also, time factor plays a vital role. One has to consume lighter foods 30-40 minutes before the workout. But you can consume a meal with higher calories if there is a gap of 3-4 hours.

Let’s have a look at the Pre Workout Foods!

Bananas – Bananas are a great source of natural sugars, carbohydrates, and potassium! You can consume it 30 minutes before your workout as it will provide more energy than caffeine and is the perfect way to lift the glycogen stores in the body.

eat banana before workout

Chicken, Rice & Vegetables– This meal is considered to be the actual pre workout meal as it combines proteins and complex carbohydrate at one place and offers the body amino acids. You can consume it 3-4 hours prior to your workout.

Porridge and Oatmeal– Perfect source of carbohydrates, protein, amino acids and Beta glucan, this meal work best if consumed 2 hours before your training. This won’t make you feel hungry throughout your workouts. It will also slow down the energy loss process of the body.


Wholegrain Bread, Sweet Potato, and Brown Rice– Consuming this meal 2-3 hours before a workout will offer you fuel throughout a whole workout. It is rich in carbohydrates which should be consumed by all those who carry out regular endurance activities.

Omelets– Eggs are known to be the greatest source of muscle building protein and amino acids and should be taken 2-3 hours before a workout to avoid muscle catabolism. This kind of meal also promotes muscle growth in our body.

Protein Shakes– Last but not least- protein shakes! If none of the above appeals to you or if you are always in a hurry then proteins shakes can make the way easy for you. They are a good source of fast releasing protein and simple carbohydrates.


There are numerous of proteins available in the market, you can choose a flavor of your choice and feel the buzz!

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How is post workout meal beneficial?

During exercise, our body gets depleted of their glycogen stores and hence loses all its energy. Therefore, Eating (or drinking) 30 minutes to an hour after your workout helps you to regain the lost energy levels and keep your metabolism burning strong.

The sooner you will start eating, the better it will be because if you will eat after the gap of like 2 3 hours, it will reduce the body’s ability to refill muscle stores.

Here are the foods that you can eat after your training sessions to maximize exercise benefits.

Whole Eggs– It is one of the best post workout meals that can help you to regain the lost energy levels and is beneficial for those who lift heavy weights in the gym. The nutrients found in the yolk include healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.


Pomegranate Juice– Pomegranate juice is loaded with antioxidants and can speed up the recovery process. Downing a cup after a hard workout can make a big difference to your body.

Smoked Salmon– Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids and can lower down the painful inflammations in body muscles. It also enhances the muscle protein synthesis in the body. So if you are a non-vegetarian, go for it.


Sweet Potato– it is carb-rich food that can work to minimize the drop in immunity happened due to workout. Exercising can sometimes stress the immune system and can open the door certain virus.Therefore the carbs you eat as a post work out meal can reduce such risks.

Herbal Tea– drinking herbal tea after your training session enhances the muscle strength recovery. It contains antioxidants also, to boost your energy, too. Not only you will regain the lost energy levels but you will also detox your body with the intake of herbal tea.

Let’s not forget to stay hydrated before, during and after a workout to provide the best internal environment for your body.

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