10 Effective And Best Solution To Stop Snoring

10 Effective And Best Solution To Stop Snoring

10 Effective And Best Solution To Stop Snoring

If you check the statistics on reasons which leads to divorce, you will be surprised to see that one of the top most reasons is snoring. As per americansnoring Snoring is the Third Leading Cause of Divorce in the United States.

Throughout the world, snoring has emerged as a leading problem amongst people. Thanks to the kind of lifestyle we lead and the stress we go through, snoring has become a common demon in all of our daily life.

Gone are the days, when snoring was attributed to genetics and old age. Now days, people from all age brackets seem to succumb to snoring. In order to know about How to stop snoring and home remedies, we first need to understand as to what leads them to snore in the first place.

What causes snoring and Is Snoring Healthy?

Almost all customers snore occasionally or on a regular basis.  If you are an occasional snorer then it is not a cause of concern.

why do people snore

However, if you are known to snore heavily at night on a daily basis then it may start to impact your quality of sleep which might lead to fatigue, irritation and various kinds of health hazards.

So let us understand first Why Do People Snore?

Snoring is primarily triggered if air is unable to freely move through the passage connecting your nose to throat while you are sleeping. The trapped air in your nasal passage starts to vibrate the tissues around it causing the snoring sound. People who complain of acute snoring have floppy tissues in their nasal passage that leads to vibrations.

There are many factors and conditions that might trigger snoring. Here are a few common reasons of….

Why do people snore?

Old Age: This is a common factor to trigger snoring. With age , the throat becomes narrow and the tenacity of the muscles in the throat start to relax. As a result, people start snoring.

Over Weight: Another common reason for snoring is being excessive weight or over weight. As the body mass increases the tension between the muscles start to relax and fatty tissues start accumulating in our body. This is what triggers snoring.

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Narrow Air Passage: Some people are born with narrow nasal passage as compared to others. This narrow passage does not allow the air to pass through them freely resulting in snoring.

Sinus Problems: Those who suffer from sinus are known to have blocked nose that prevents the trapped air to pass freely resulting in snoring.

Lifestyle Triggered: Many times, snoring can be triggered thanks to the lifestyle we follow like excessive drinking, chain smoking and so on. Certain medications like tranquilizers are also known to trigger snoring.

Incorrect Sleep Posture: It is seen that sleeping on our back relaxes out throat muscles that may lead to snoring at night.

Sleep Apnea: If you are suffering from sleeping disorders then one of the common syndromes will be heavy snoring at night.

So, now that we know what triggers snoring let us try and delve into snoring ways to stop snoring.

Here are 10 Effective ways to stop snoring:

  1. Change Sleeping Position: Sometimes, when you sleep on your back it leads to snoring. The best way to combat is to change your sleeping position. You can use pillows to support you while you sleep side ways to ensure that you breathe freely.
  2. Lose Weight: Being overweight often triggers snoring. Try and follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly to lose the extra flab and tone down. As your body starts shedding weight with time, you will see that your problem with snoring has also subsided a lot.
  3. Avoid Drinking Before Hitting The Bed : It is seen that drinking alcohol relaxes your muscles and makes one snore at night. One of the best way to combat same is to avoid drinking alcohol at least 4 to 5 hours before hitting the sack. This way the effect of alcohol subsides by the time you go to sleep.
  4. Say No To Smoking: Being a chain smoker is not only bad for your health but with daily smoking your nasal muscles also tend to get inflamed triggering snoring. If you are suffering from same, it is advisable to quit smoking. You can how  to quit smoking in few steps.
  5. Check on Tranquilizers: Tranquilizers are known to relax the body muscles that makes one snore loudly at night. Ideally, you should consult with your doctor and tell him about your snoring issue, he will accordingly
  6. Surgery: In case, you are suffering from acute snoring then your doctor may suggest surgery. It is a simple procedure where the excess tissues in the nasal passage and mouth are removed so that air can pass through same easily. In some cases, implants are done in the mouth soft palate to ensure that the snoring is stopped.
  7. Appliances: In case, surgery is too farfetched you can opt for various appliances available in the market to stop snoring. There are various kinds of mouth pieces that are available over the counter. They assist in giving support to the tongue so that it does not slide back inside the throat and trigger snoring. Some appliances also help to create extra space in the mouth to let the air pass freely.
  8. Nasal Dilator Strip: In case, you are suffering from nasal collapse, then you can check with an ENT specialist to prescribe you a nasal dilator strip. You can place this strip on the bridge of your nose. The strip will help in holding on the nose to allow more air to pass through it and curb snoring.
  9. Suffering from Allergy: A lot of times, people complain of snoring when they suffer from allergies. These allergies can be triggered due to various reasons like wheat allergy, nut allergy or even dust allergy. It is advisable to consult a doctor to check on same and treat the allergies.
  10. Mouth Guards: A lot of people will complain of snoring at night as their mouth opens automatically at night. In such cases mouth guards come handy to keep it close all night long. Ask your doctor for same.
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Hope you understand why do people snore and how to stop snoring immediately. Remember, snoring is not a permanent fixture in your life. You can get same diagnosed and cured by doctors.

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