11 Best Ways to Quit Smoking – Kick Your Cigarette away

11 Best Ways to Quit Smoking - Kick Your Cigarette away

11 Best Ways to Quit Smoking - Kick Your Cigarette awayDo you know that Tobacco is the only legal consumer product that, when used in any of its forms, kills nearly half of its long-term users?

A cigarettes made up of 0.5 gm to 1 gm of tobacco plus an average 10 mg of nicotine. This combination when smoked, hits the brain for the worst in just 6-7 seconds.

And Bidis, which are often considered safer, are actually worst since Nicotine concentrations in the Bidis (21.2 mg / gm) are significantly higher than those in Cigarettes (13.5-17 mg / gm).

After reading this are you getting some push to quit smoking? Then you must follow one of these or a combination of the steps listed below so that you can guide yourself to health.

ways to quit smoking – strategies guide

1. Make a list of your likes and dislikes of Smoking

It can be ranging from how smoking affects your health, risks of smoking, work, family, etc to friends feeling repelled when you smoke. You can take help from family & friends to add points to this list from time to time.

Side-by-side creature a list where you want to list why you smoke. Like “Smoking helps me reduce stress” and the alternative could be walks in the garden or meditation or Yoga. Or “Nicotine is not leaving me, it is addictive.”

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effect of smoking - quitting smoking

So why not replace it with a nicotine replacement alternative for sometime? The more the solutions and the more the negatives outweigh the positives, then you are ready to quit. Keep studying these lists for self-motivation daily.

2. Set a QUIT date

Sign it like a legal contract in front of supportive witnesses whose opinion and words matter the most to you in life. Their push and reminder about the date helps a lot.


3. Story buying refills

When you are ready to quit , stop buying cartons of cigarettes or even refills. In short, when you feel the urge to smoke, you should not have anything readily available. It will slowly push you down to fewer cigarettes.

4. Make a list of what to do when craving hits hard

This can be made in consultation with your doctor. And of course with your family. In short, you have to keep yourself engaged in other activities than smoking….be it chewing a piece of gum or take a nap or consume coffee or for that matter going our for a walk.

5. Quit when your mood is good

Studies find that when people quit in a happy mood they are less likely to go back to it. And when your quit date is near, throw away everything that reminds you to have a great smoke….be it leftover cigarettes, matches, lighters, ashtrays…or for that matter even your chain smoker friends should not be around you during that phase.

6. Stock the money you saved in a Glass Piggy Bank

Money is a great motivation to do anything in life. Set a target that you have to use that particular money you saved from non-smoking habit to buy something you had always eyed! It will be a great motivation again.

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7. Remind yourself about the toughest achievements of your past

This will give you the necessary confident that your will tend to lose when the craving to smoke sets in. Ask your close people to remind you about the same.

8. Always carry along a healthy snack

Instead of smoking cigarettes, try sunflower seeds, salad, sugar-free lollipops, or even chewing gum. The trick doctors say is that this way you use your hands and mouth, but to do something healthy.

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9. Replace cigarette break with coffee/tea/snack or play break

Either go for a healthy drink or snack or switch to engaging yourself in a game, even if it means a video game on your computer. The idea is to divert your brain. Also if you have an open space near office, go for a walk.

Replace cigarette break with coffee

10. Create a smoke-free zone.

Neither use tobacco or smoke in your house, car or anyone sitting next to you, nor allow anyone else to do the same. Hang actual “No Smoking/ No Tobacco” signs at your house and inside your car.

11. Go for Yoga, Meditation and Alternate Therapy

These two as well as therapies like Acupressure and Acupuncture help a lot. Keep your doctor always in loop about the progress, the cravings as well as if you have cheated yourself into smoking again.

Go for Yoga, Meditation and Alternate Therapy

And have the following hazards of Smoking listed in big at all places where they forcefully fall before your eyes, be it your bathroom, office desk or anywhere else you need.

  1. Smoking increases risk of Cancer
  2. Smoking increases risk of heart disease and hypertension
  3. Smoking increases risk of diabetes
  4. Smoking increases risk of Alzheimer’s
  5. Smoking increases likelihood of impotence/ reduces fertility
  6. Smoking results in low-birth-weight, premature babies

Hope you know few best ways to quit smoking and Still if you relapse, you might need to consult the doctor again. Before quieting you should also know symptoms of quieting smoking so you can prepare your self before step up.

Remember, medical history has that some people quit as many as ten time before they actually succeeded. So good luck.

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