Things to know about pregnancy for first time moms

Things to know about pregnancy for first time moms

Things to know about pregnancy for first time momsAre you pregnant, then mama to be, it is time to listen. You must be brimming with emotions, fear and excitement at this life milestone.

I know you are not ready for any unsolicited advice. But instead of seeking answers from Google, get prepared for schooling first time moms on pregnancy tips. Really, it is my pleasure to advice.

Valuable Advice 

Knowing what not to do while pregnant is most important as it sets things right. Here are a few that you can keep away from:

  • Stay away from Google. It is highly impossible to see for every detail and symptom on the Google. In fact, it will drive you berserk.
  • Keep away the scented detergents. Just play safe by staying away from hazardous machinery and chemicals, they are potentially dangerous.

Tip: Use doctor- approved products for your household and your progeny will be safe.

  • Nobody thinks you smell filthy. Excessive perspiration may be disgusting, but unless one does not get very close to you, nobody will know your smell. It will stay a secret.

Tip:  It is best to wash using a mild soap daily and to stay diligent.

Helpful Suggestions 

Things to avoid when pregnant also include not eating too much in this period of nine months. Unless you are very fortunate who never swell up and are able to maintain the gap in the thigh. Gaining a few pounds is common and so try staying calm.

Tip: Stay healthy while pregnant with exercises and diet. In case some cheesecake adds flesh to your ass, what you should not do while pregnant is to bother, as these added flesh will not be forever.

Do enjoy sex. You need not abstain, unless there are some unique medical condition or doctors strict orders to avoid. Enjoy normal sex; it will not harm your baby.  Do your Kegels right from the time you know you are pregnant.

Tip: Seriously do the Kegels, it will thwart vagina blowout.

Food pattern

The pregnancy diet cannot be missed and you must include variety of foods to get enough nutrients.

However, do not use this time and gain more pounds that you blow 4 times than your normal size.


  • Fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C is a must for pregnant women; include grapes, oranges, honeydew, broccoli, brussel sprouts and tomatoes.
  • Include folic acid from dark green leafy vegetables such as black or lima beans, veal and other legumes. Take daily 2 -3 servings fruit and 3-4 servings’ vegetables.
  • Grains and breads offer essential carbohydrates, include iron, fiber, B vitamins and protein to get folic acid required amount.
  • Protein from fish, eggs, meat, poultry and beans. This is much required in second and third trimesters. The inclusion of iron avoids weakness, fatigue, depression and irritability, while it carries oxygen to your baby.
  • Calcium is very essential for your baby and get through diets by including yogurt, cheese, milk, puddings and cream soups.

Advice: Consult your healthcare provider and get the right supplement best for you.

 Pregnancy stages

A typical pregnancy is for 40 weeks. It is separated into three pregnancy trimesters: first, second and third trimester.

  • First trimester: This is the period right from conception time to the pregnancy 12th week marks.
  • Second trimester: This begins from 13th week to 27th
  • Third Trimester: This is from 18th week to the last week until the baby’s birth.

pregnancy trimester

 First Trimester

A woman can see lot of changes in her body. A missed period, emotional and physical changes, exhausted women, morning sickness, eating ice cream and pickle, weighing herself, extreme fatigue, mood swings, frequent urination, swollen breasts, protruding nipples, nausea, aversion or craving for certain foods, constipation, heartburn, headache, weight loss or gain.

 Second trimester

This trimester is easier; mostly the fatigue and nausea vanish completely. There will be apparent changes in your body. The baby bump shows and you can feel your baby. In this trimester, there may be stretch marks back pain, pimples on cheek and line running down from her belly. 

There may be pain on thigh, groin, back and abdomen, skin darkening around nipples, forehead, cheeks, upper lip or nose, tingling or numb hands and also swelling on face, fingers and ankles.

 Third Trimester

This is the pregnancy final stage. Discomforts begin; you experience breathing difficulty, frequent urination, physical changes such as watery leak from breasts known as colostrums, protruding of belly button, hemorrhoids, baby moving in the lower abdomen area, false contractions and difficulty in sleeping.

Hope this all tips help you out in better welcome for new comers…if you have some other tips then write us in comment..

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