How to get rid of PCOS completely

How to get rid of PCOS completely

How to get rid of PCOS completelyAre you facing irregularities in your periods? Do you find any difficulty in conceiving?

In my last post, I have shared you my story of suffering from PCOS and told you about the symptoms you could check to find out whether you are suffering from PCOS. It’s never late, if you find any symptoms, then consult your doctor as soon as possible. You need not to have all the symptoms I have told you. It differs from lady to lady.

Want to know the complete procedure of PCOS diagnosis?

During its diagnosis, Doctors check the following three criteria and if any two out of the three criteria are met, the woman is diagnosed with PCOS.

1.Ovaries are found “Polycystic

  • It is checked whether there exists more than 12 cysts on one ovary
  • Whether the size of a single or both ovaries is grown.

2. It is checked whether

  • The number of male hormones is increased in her blood
  • She is suffering from excess hair growth and acne due to elevated levels of androgens.

3. Irregularities in periods and lack of ovulation

This way PCOS diagnosis can be done. As soon as you are diagnosed with PCOS, you need to meet your doctor to consult.

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Medical treatment for PCOS

I have given birth control pills during my PCOS treatment to regulate my periods properly and I took a very long time to recover. Some common medical treatments given to a woman with PCOS are following:

  1. Birth control

Doctors prescribe estrogen and progestin on daily basis to restore the hormonal balance    and to relieve symptoms due to elevated levels of androgens such as excess hair growth and acne and to protect against cancer and to regulate ovulation.

2. Metformin and fertility medicines (Clomiphene)

It improves insulin level in your body thus helps to treat PCOS. Doctors prescribe Metformin to help you get normal menstrual cycles and fertility medicines to help you get pregnant if you are finding any difficulties.

3. Hair removal treatment

To get rid of excess hair growth, you can go for hair removal treatments such as laser hair removal and electrolysis. Doctor prescribe Eflornithine drug to slow down the hair growth.

4. Surgery

At last, you can go for surgery, if any of the above treatment doesn’t work for you. You can go for a procedure called ovarian drilling to help you restore normal ovulation.

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I think you should take medical treatment but side by side you should focus on your diet, proper exercise. Definitely, you have to do some changes in your lifestyle to overcome the effects of PCOS. It will provide you with a natural treatment to recover from PCOS. Tips to recover are following:

  • Weight Loss can play a major role to remove irregularities in your menstrual cycle.
  • Low Carbohydrate Diets – You can follow low carbohydrate diets to recover from PCOS as low carbohydrates diet can help you to lose weight as well as lower insulin levels in your body.
  • Follow low Glycemic Index diet – Try to follow low Glycemic index diet by adding fruits, vegetables, whole grains in your diet. It will definitely help to regulate your menstrual cycle. According to a scientific study, it is far better than a weight loss diet.

Combination of healthy Diet and Exercise can help you to win over the PCOS and it also lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases and Diabetes. If you find any of the above-mentioned symptoms, never ignore. It is a severe health issue. Consult your doctor and get it treated.

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