Why Is My Period Late? – Know the Actual Reasons for Late Period

why is my period late? - know the actual reasons for late period 

why is my period late? - know the actual reasons for late period 

Late periods, or spotting before period is it bothering you to know if you are pregnant. Late periods may be due to various reasons ranging from imbalance in hormones to serious medical conditions.

Regular periods are every 28 days, but menstrual healthy cycle ranges from 21 to 35 days. In case you experience a delay, it may be due to any of these reasons:

Reasons for late period  

Advice: It is normal for menstrual cycle to sometimes vary and may actually not cause anything at all.


Stress wreaks havoc on mental health and has an impact physically. Stress triggers in your body a hormonal pathway, promoting stress hormone, cortisol release.

stress woman

What does cortisol do? The cortisol release disrupts your cycle by suppressing the reproductive hormone normal levels resulting into abnormal ovulation.

Tip:  Take deep breath and release stress by closing eyes. You will see a difference.


Traveling may also be one of the reasons for late period. Traveling across varying time zones and the jet lag makes you exposed to different day light times. It throws you off your rhythm to the extent that even a dim light triggers changes of hormone in your body.


What is harder in traveling? This takes a harder time to adjust especially when you are traveling from west to east as there is a need to adjust to a shorter day, as you take towards east.

Tip:  Ensure hormonal balance with meditation. You can meditate anywhere you go and this is effective to enjoy without taking any medicines and to have regular periods.


A simple common cold or stomach flu affects respiration and digestive system. It surely has some impact on the period cycle as well. Noticing a late period is a sign of being ill the earlier month and there are more chances that your illness had to play some part.

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illness for irregular period

Tip: Take turmeric one-quarter teaspoon with jaggery or honey and milk for several weeks to see improvement.


Medications taken for any reason has an influence on the hormone production such as the steroids or even the thyroid medication may impact the menstrual cycle.

medication may cause irregular period

How does medication affect? It affects the hormonal balance in your body, changes the reproductive hormonal levels resulting in late and irregular periods.

Tip:  Take powdered cinnamon a teaspoon in a glass of warm milk to enjoy a warming effect in your body. It regulates your periods and also eliminates the menstrual cramps.


Tracking or having a track of your period date is best. It is likely of you to ignore a day or two. The cycle typically is for 28 days and many women have their period cycle shorter or even longer.

In fact, it is very typical of women recently to have irregular cycles slightly. If you experience early period in the previous month, the following month it may be late.

Routine change

Any change to your regular routine can impact your cycle and throw it off until either your routine returns to normal, or your body becomes accustomed to the change.

Why a routine change? This may be due to job shifting now demanding longer commute altering your sleeping time or change of diet to become vegan. These affect the hormones balance and naturally your period cycle.

Tip: 1. Soak cumin 2 spoons overnight in water and drink it with water in the morning. This helps in making your periods regular. Added benefit is that it is good for your skin, digestive system and hair as well.

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Tip 2: Sesame seeds with jaggery are sure to regulate periods.

Extreme exercise

Moderate and regular exercise is recommended as a strategy for treatment as it eases the negative and painful symptoms of the period cycle. On the other hand, extreme exercises leads to irregularities with menstrual cycle. This result in loss of periods even in Olympic athletes and reveals that intense exercising results in cycle irregularity.


Tip: Running, jogging and swimming ensures physical balance, importantly keep it regular.

 Weight gain or loss

Any sudden or drastic change to your weight has an impact on your ovulation and throws off the cycle. Restricting the calories amount you consume can stop reproductive hormones, whilst weight gain also may raise the oestrogen, both affects the menstrual cycle.

Tip: Include more of fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding spicy food, canned foods, sugar and junk foods.

Simple basic remedies

Women have several reasons to get delayed menstrual cycle. However, there are some things that can be stopped that causes delay, besides these home remedies are safe and effective.

  • Eat regular food with medium spice
  • Drinking water regularly is a must. Drinking inadequate water causes irregular periods. If you want to have normal periods, just drink water.
  • Having lemons during periods is strictly not recommended as it increases pain.

There are remedies to improve or regular menstruation cycle.  Just pondering over why is my period late is of no use and delay in this cycle is also leads to harmful problems. Look for best alternative cures that are reliable to overcome delayed menstruation.

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