I Think I Have Depression – Check Warning Signs Of Depression

I think i have depression - Check warning signs of depression

I think i have depression - Check warning signs of depression

I feel down whenever any miserable situation comes in front of me. Sometimes for an hour, sometimes for a day. But I think this is a part of normal life.

When I was studying abroad, I heard that one of my best friend had passed away .We were too close to each other. After that, I found myself out of this world.

Sadness, hopelessness made a grip on me for a longer period of time and became a part of my daily routine.

“Do I have depression?” and

“Do I need to check out this by a doctor?”

were the questions in my mind. I have consulted a doctor then, and he asked me several questions regarding my daily routine to find out whether I am depressed or not:

Any difficulty in falling asleep at night? Do you face any nightmares, turning, and frequent waking during sleep at night? Feeling regular tiredness? Gaining or losing your weight very abruptly? Has your sex drive become diminished? Poor appetite or overeating?

I think the answer of these questions can help you and your physician to find out whether you are facing depression or not?

Depression is a state of mind that vary from person to person but there are some common warning signs and symptoms. It is important to check out these symptoms as more the symptoms you have, it is more likely that you are dealing with depression.

Major depression symptoms are following:

  1. Helplessness or hopelessness: Feeling like nothing could be better now and nothing you could do to move out of the misery situation.
  2. Loss of interest in daily activities:  Losing your interest in your hobbies, social activities, sex etc.
  3. Significant changes in weight:  facing significant gain or loss in your weight.
  4. Feeling tired or fatigue: feeling regular tiredness and physically drained. Even small tasks are exhausting you and taking a longer period of time.
  5. Improper sleep patterns: facing nightmares, turning and waking during early hours of the morning or oversleeping.
  6. Behavioral changes: easily getting angry, doing the reckless driving, playing dangerous sports.
  7. Concentration power: feeling trouble in focusing, making decisions and remembering important things.
  8. Self-loathing: feeling guilty for some past activities and always criticizing yourself for any faults or mistakes
  9. Anger: feeling angry, agitated, and violent very frequently. Easily getting short tempered, feeling like you have very low tolerance power.
  10. Regular pains: feeling constant headache, back pain, stomach pain
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When I was going through these symptoms, I read out many books, blogs, articles related to this and tried to find out how could I overcome this situation?, how could I live a happy life again?

Then I found out many ways to beat the depression and I tried and tried, and finally, I succeeded. Here, I am sharing the ways you can implement with you.


It is the most implemented and effective way to overcome the depression .It can provide long-term benefits to the people dealing with depression.

exerciseExercise helps to boost feel-good chemicals such as endorphin in your body and provides you relief. Regular exercise would help you to fulfill yourself with positive vibes.

No need to go for heavy exercise, simple walking for few minutes with your loved ones will work.

Healthy diet:

Foods with Omega-3 fatty acids and folic acids such as avocado, spinach, salmon and tuna can help you to deal with depression.


Though there is no fixed diet defined for the people having depression, but if you are overeating, then try to control yourself by filling your tummy with the fiber rich foods.

Enough sleep

Depression makes you hard to sleep and sleep for fewer hours can further depress you. To sleep better, try some changes in your lifestyle. Fix a time to go to bed and wake up. Remove all distractions like mobile, tab, TV etc.

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Enough sleep

from the room while sleeping. Time being, it will help you to sleep better and to deal with your depression effectively.

Take Responsibilities

Responsibilities will help you to involve in the work accomplished and help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you are not doing full-time work, try to find out some part-time work related to your hobby, it will definitely provide you with the happiness you want.

Try to challenge negative thoughts

Generally, negative thoughts are the reason of depression. Feel good about yourself. Try to challenge your negative thoughts. Never feel that you could not do anything. Just take failure as a part of life and try to move forward with positive vibes.

Try some new thing

If you are losing interest in your hobbies also then try some new hobbies .Maybe new thing can involve you more and help to pull you out of the depression.


There may be lots of reason of depression like death or loss of your loved ones, some disputes with your family or friends, some past physical, sexual, emotional abuse .Still, I want to say that this life is very beautiful, you should try to move out of all the odds situation and should start again as a new phase of the life.    

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