Effective Ways to Keep Your Eyes Safe and Healthy

Effective ways to keep your eyes safe and healthy

Effective ways to keep your eyes safe and healthy

Eyes are the most important part of our body. As they help us to see the world around us and makes our daily activities and goals easier.

In addition to important, eyes are most sensitive part too and that’s why you need to take care of your eyes properly and carefully.

Some effective efforts before any problem occur in your eyes are beneficial. Here are some tips to keep your eyes health better and problem free.

Things that keep your eyes healthy

Let’s start with product one can use to keep eye healthy…


1. Wear Sunglasses

If you use a pair of shades to your while going out in under the harmful rays of sun, it will protect your eyes from sun’s ultraviolet rays. Wearing sunglasses helps to blocks 99% to 100% of UVA and USA rays.


2. Wear eye safety instruments

A sportsman, a stuntman, a office worker, and someone working in any other destination which stresses eyes make it important for you to wear eye safety instruments.


Some people work in some hazardous situations and there is a great need of eye safety covers at these places. Find a proper cover according to your situation and keep your eyes safe.

3. Contact lenses

Keep you contact lenses with proper care so that any type of damage could be prevented as it can further damage your eyes. There are some bacteria which get developed in the lenses when no proper care is taken. Keep your lenses away from dirt and other harmful things in a suitable case. Clean them properly according to doctor’s advice.

4. Eye drops

Eye drops are also helpful in proper care of your eyes. Talk to your doctor and according to their advice buy the most suitable eye drops to clean and care your eyes. If you are feeling any problem with your eyes, get eye drops after discovering the problem and don’t use any random eye drop.

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Food and home remedies – Foods that help eyesight

1. Sunning and palming

Sunning is a simple exercise to keep your eye health up to mark. Sit directly under the sun and close your eyelids to prevent damage. Breath deeply and sit calmly for few minutes on regular basis.

For palming, rub both your hands together for some time to generate heat and then cup your eyes gently. Keep your eyes closed and cover the eyes fully with palms to prevent any trace of light. Do this multiple times in a day for best results.

2. Bilberry

Bilberry is one of the most effective berry for eye health. Eating one-half cup of bilberry daily can help you have strong vision. You can eat ripe bilberry or you can take bilberry supplements, but make sure you consult your doctor before taking supplements.

3. Proper diet

Good eyes are also the part of good health and as you know the good health always belongs to good diet. If you eat proper diet you can maintain good health. A proper diet contains Nutrients and vitamins in proper amount.

To take a proper you must add egg, green vegetables like kale, spinach and collards, oily fish, eggs, nuts, beans, citrus fruits like Orange etc. if you are not taking a proper diet there are more chances of diabetes and this is the only cause of blindness among adults.

Other tips for healthy eyes

Quit Smoking

A person who smokes a lot suffers many health issues which also include eye problems. Smoking damages your optic nerve and macular degeneration. Once you start smoking it is difficult to quit but still try to quit it. If it is not possible for you to quit by your own you can take help of a good doctor.

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Visit Your Eye Doctor Regularly

You take care of your eyes properly but still there are some things that could not be tracked by you on your own at home. An eye specialist is the one who can help you have a complete checkup of your eyes so that any problem in the eyes could be detected.

If your are suffering from disease like diabetes, make sure you are visiting your doctor regularly so that it doesn’t affect your eyes.


As we all know exercises keep us healthy and active but the thing that it could also keep your eyesight brighter will surely amaze you. A regular exercise can reduce the chances of eye disease like cataracts, glaucoma and wet age related macular degeneration.

If you have problem of diabetes then there are chance of that blood vessels of retina could get damaged. To overcome this problem regular exercise is very helpful. Also, walking on green grass soothes eyes.

Avoid eye-rubbing

Sometime we feel itching in the eyes but rubbing is not the right solution for it. Even rubbing can cause more damage instead of relief as it can damage ultra delicate skin around your eyes. So, instead of rubbing try to find the source of problem and proper solution of it.

Take Blinking Breaks

It is recommended to follow 20/20/20 rule when we are staring at a screen. According to this rule after every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds. In this time your eyes can blink in proper ways and they get the time to relax properly. The issue is due to screen so try to use laptop instead of desktop computer.

Proper sleep

According to doctors 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary to wake up fresh and active in the morning. Proper sleep is not only good for healthy body but it also keep your eyes away from pain and other problems. Sometimes when you have lots of things to do make sure your sleep hours doesn’t go below 5 as it may be dangerous.

If you follow all these tips you will feel best results with your eyes and eye health will be more better. However, these are not the only things to keep in mind but several other things are also there which helps in keeping your eyes problem free. Keep track of your daily schedule and maintain healthy body with healthiest eyes.

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