Cupping Therapy Has Several Advantages That Make It Worth Trying

Cupping Therapy Has Several Advantages

Cupping therapy leaves large, round purple marks on a person’s back that I’ll never forget seeing for the first time. I was curious and wanted to give it a whirl. Deep tissue massage is something I’ve always wanted to try, so I was eager to book my own appointment as soon as I saw this video.

Cupping Therapy Has Several Advantages

Olympic gold champion Michael Phelps, whose back and shoulders were covered with purple circles, popularised the practise of cupping at the 2016 Summer Olympics. It sparked an interest in an ancient Chinese alternative medicine form in the modern world.

Cupping Therapy: What Is It?

Cupping therapy has been practised in the Middle East, Egypt, and China since the 1500s BC. Small glass or plastic cups are placed on the skin and either heated or used with a rubber pump to induce suction. As an alternative to massage therapy, the skin and muscles are drawn upwards into small cups during this procedure. It is then possible to move the cups and position them on certain points on one’s body where they are needed for 10-15 minutes. The cups are simply released and removed when the treatment is over. The scars that are left are usually not painful.

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Pain Reduction

Pain treatment is one of the most common uses of cupping. Back, shoulder, knee, neck, and hip discomfort are the most commonly reported symptoms. Using suction to bring blood to the area instead of exerting pressure on the muscles can help alleviate discomfort. Increased blood flow means more oxygen for healing, and reduced pressure helps lessen muscle tension.

It relieves cold and cough symptoms.

Have you ever had a persistent cough? For certain people, the use of a cupping device may be an effective remedy. For those who suffer from asthma, cupping can help break up mucus that causes chest tightness and clean the lungs, making it an effective therapy option.

It boosts digestive health.

Digestive problems are prevalent, but pills aren’t the sole solution. Stress impairs digestion, and research shows that cupping therapy can help alleviate it. Cupping therapy can help alleviate bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, cramps, and a loss of appetite, among other symptoms.

Cupping Therapy boosts digestive health

A Better Circulation

Cupping therapy is a worthwhile addition to your health regimen because of the enhanced blood flow it provides to your body. Your wounds will heal faster, your heart and organs will be healthier, and your skin will be healthier as a result of increased blood flow. Poor circulation or a lack of blood flow is a sign of a bad state of health.

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It promotes a state of calmness.

Healing can only occur when the body has had time to rest and unwind. Taking a deep breath and letting go of tension can enhance several aspects of your health. Cupping therapy is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, in my opinion. It leaves my muscles relaxed and my mind clear.

Improve lymphatic drainage.

In certain circles, the lymphatic system is referred to as the body’s “second circulatory system.” In order to fight sickness, it transports white blood cells to your body and also removes waste from your body. Having a well-functioning lymphatic system is essential to optimum health. Using cupping therapy can help keep your lymphatic system running smoothly and reduce inflammation.

Enhance Your Athletic Capabilities

If you’re an athlete, you’re always looking for methods to get better. Athletic performance can be improved by reducing pain, improving digestion, increasing blood and lymph flow, and removing knots and stress from muscles. Because of this, it is not unusual to see athletes like Michael Phelps sporting the distinctive cupping circles. For all the reasons discussed earlier in this article, adding cupping therapy to an athlete’s routine is a great way to improve their performance.


To summarise, cupping therapy is an excellent alternative therapy to consider. With a few side effects, you can boost your blood flow and healing. The most important thing to remember when choosing a practitioner is to find someone you can trust. Perhaps it will alleviate the agony you’ve been forced to live with for so long.

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