7 Weird But Effective Baby Products For Stressed Parents

It’s a huge responsibility to take care of a tiny baby, especially in the first few weeks. It’s also a daunting task to go grocery shopping.
Was there a spreadsheet for expecting mothers to keep track of everything they needed while also learning about new technologies like travel systems and researching the differences between a sleep suit and a baby grow, as well as how many they needed and in what size? Is this still the case today?

They had no idea that, in addition to buying adorable muslin blankets and tiny bunny-ear sweaters, they’d be scrambling to buy a slew of strange-looking items at 2 in the morning.

Moms also didn’t expect that I’d continue to recommend a plastic butt straw to new parents in my DMs, but here we are! To go along with the aforementioned straw, here are some unusual baby products that, while odd-looking, actually work and can be extremely useful.

1. The “Windi”

baby's tummy of trapped wind or poop

An easy-to-use plastic catheter is all you need to relieve your baby’s tummy of trapped wind or poop. A gassy baby’s 3am screams are enough to make you do whatever it takes to find a solution, and this is it.

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2. A nail file that is electric

traditional nail clipper For babyBecause a baby’s fingernails are so small and sharp, using a traditional nail clipper is downright terrifying. Use this electric nail file with confidence, knowing that it is both safe and easy to use.

3. Bluebell baby monitorlittle monitor is a lifesaver

In particular, when your baby begins sleeping on their own in their own room, this little monitor is a lifesaver. Even if a midwife or your mother thinks it’s overkill, the peace of mind it provides far outweighs any criticism.

4. Munchkin The Medicator

child is sick, getting medicine into their mouths with a syringeWhen your child is sick, getting medicine into their mouths with a syringe can be an Olympic sport for both the body and the mind, so clever gadgets like these can be an absolute lifesaver.

5. Sucking someone’s snot (Snotsucker)

manual nasal aspirator
Unhelpfully, babies cannot blow their own noses, so you’ve got to help them out. When compared to a manual nasal aspirator, this device is the most effective way to help clear a baby’s stuffy nose.

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6. This cradle cap brush is made of synthetic hair.

standard baby brush
In spite of its appearance, you already know that your standard baby brush is ineffective for this purpose! These brushes are budget-friendly, but they do the job well.

7. This is a small tripod for your smartphone.

small tripod for your smartphone

This tripod is your best friend if you’re on the go and desperately need your baby to relax and watch 20 minutes of Hey Bear. It fits most phones and can be wrapped around a pram’s toy bar or left on a table’s side.

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