Masturbation are Good or Bad? Check benefit & side effect

Masturbation are Good or Bad? Check benefit & side effect

Masturbation are Good or BadAre you in a habit of masturbating? If yes read this

Masturbation is taken as self pleasurable sexual activity. When we pamper our own personal organs through hands or sex toys, that’s what we call as masturbation. The term jerking off is the synonym of masturbation.

Masturbation is defined elaborately in this article. If you wish to discover more, read the below mentioned paragraphs that convey what is masturbation, masturbation benefits for men, masturbation benefits for women, masturbation addiction comic role in masturbation and masturbation FAQ.

What is masturbation?

Has she ever played with your penis or have you ever played with her clitoris ever before? If your answer is yes, you people have masturbated one another. If you want your penis in her mouth instead of vagina, it’s the way of getting engaged in oral sex and masturbating.

What is masturbation for a woman?

Just like men, women also get interest in solo sex or self stimulating activities which is termed as masturbating. Plenty of women after attaining adulthood love to go for solo sexual stimulation. This involves rubbing the clitoris, using sex toys and touching different body parts with bare hands.

The self relaxing technique of masturbation is never harmful if done in a limitation. However, if you are suffering from masturbation addiction, it’s a matter of concern for you and your family.

Is masturbation bad for you?

Masturbation Side Effects for men may result in serious sexual problems and renal diseases. Addiction to masturbation can reduce the capability to make love besides lowering down the energy level.

Experiencing orgasm is something that everybody loves to do. But when it happens through the activity of self stimulation, things can become devastating.

Masturbation is good or bad?

It’s totally ok to touch yourself for attaining the sexual satisfaction. But then you need to make sure that everything is done hygienically and in a proper limit. Clean your genitals with soap and water after jerking off. Even with the females, they should not leave the area dirty after completing the task.

Benefits of masturbation are many. The first and the most obvious benefit is that you can still reach the orgasm without any partner. You don’t have to take the consent of anybody to satisfy yourself. Moreover, people who masturbate remain healthy and mentally sound.

Health benefits of masturbation

Practically talking, masturbation can keep you mentally and physically satisfied. In fact, it’s the best method of having sex as there is no possibility of unwanted pregnancy and sexual diseases.

When a person reaches the climax, the body starts releasing endorphins which immediately blocks away the pain and makes one feel at its best. A good company certainly make a difference while making love. But as long as you can do it by yourself, there is no harm in it.

One of the best benefits of masturbation for men is encountering prostate cancer. With the help of masturbation, when release toxins from the urinary genital tract. This decreases the level of toxicity and significantly lower down the possibility of prostate cancer. Also, the regular habit of masturbating maximizes immunity and reduces the stress hormone.

The activity of masturbation uplifts the spirit by releasing neurochemicals amongst men. It triggers self satisfaction and keeps the brain relaxed. Also, it keeps anxiety away and marital relationship happy by keeping mentally and physically agile.

  • Encounters stress
  • let’s you sleep better
  • Enhances self esteem
  • Encounters menstrual cramps
  • Fortifies anal areas and muscle tone

Another benefit of masturbating is that you can customise things in your own way. In other words, you can touch yourself where it feels the best. Moreover, you can control the speed of reaching orgasm and feel comfortable with your own body.

How much masturbation is too much?

Well, let me tell you an incident based on this question. A 16 year old boy died after masturbating 42 times without stopping. The Brazilian boy was masturbation addicted and had extreme attraction with women. So friends, 41 is the limit!!!

Well that was a poor joke. Please do not take it seriously. Scientifically, a person should not masturbate more than twice in a week. Also, it depends upon person to person. Some people have a habit of masturbating at least once in a day While others and to practice the activity once in a week. Even if you do it everyday once, it’s perfectly normal.

There is nothing at all wrong in masturbating and you don’t need to feel guilty for it. In case you feel mentally disturbed after masturbating, troubleshoot your problem by meeting a medical counselor and get over with your guilty feeling right away.

Masturbation Side Effects for male

Masturbation Side Effects for a man can result in premature ejaculation, lower sperm count, weakness and hormonal imbalance.

It’s all when you do it in excess. Masturbation has nothing to do with any side effect amongst men and women.

However, if you do it more than the required quantity, it can impose huge side effects. Sharing sex toys with someone suffering from sexually transmitted infections can result in diseases.

Also, if you have a habit of masturbating while keeping your face in a downward position, exertion on the penis area. The best position for masturbation is to do it while standing, sitting or lying on the back. Avoid sqeezing the penis while ejaculating as it prohibits the semen flow. This damages the penile vessels and also imposes diseases upon urinary bladder.

How to find out whether I am masturbating more than required?

Easy to find out whether your masturbation practice is correct or not. First of all, masturbation is a relaxing activity. If it starts giving you anxiety and makes you escape the realities of life, it’s time that you understand it’s wrong.

Excessive masturbation create a constant feeling of lustiness. You experience reckless pain in the genitals and also harm yourself by excessive rubbing the genital area. The aforementioned Side Effects are relevant for both men and women. If you are searching for side effects of masturbation in women, the above mentioned explanation is rather worthwhile for you.

Masturbation benefits for women

Just like men, women also require releasing stress through the activity of masturbation. With awesome health benefits of self pleasure, you should do it at regular intervals after you have attained 18 years of age.

According to a recent survey, 7.9 % of women between the age of 25 – 29 have been seen to masturbate 2 – 3 times in a week. Touching different body parts and rubbing clitoris with your own hands can relax the tensed muscles and give a better quality sleep. It keeps a woman physically and emotionally fit. Also, it saves money upon expensive massages and body spa.

  • Masturbation makes you happy. It releases endorphins and improves mental condition by making you feel confident.
  • Masturbation provides better sex life as you Know how to keep yourself satisfied. The moment you figure out what would it take to reach orgasim, your partner can help you with it.
  • Encounters muscular ache and body pain.
  • Keeps body sexually agent even when you do not have a sex partner.
  • Allows women to achieve multiple orgasms.
  • It feels like a woman is in Cloud 9.


What happens when you stop masturbating?

If you have been masturbating in excess, probably discontinuing it would help you to re-live your normal healthy life once again. The body weakness and genital pains that have been troubling you so far would no longer remain a part of your life.

Moreover, you can restructure your hormones by stimulating the testosterone levels. Masturbation is always important for keeping ourselves sexually satisfied. However, taking those much required breaks is also important.

Make sure that you at least jerk off once in a week to keep your semen in good quality. Also, to keep yourself mentally stable, it’s important to masturbate. Do not practice it more than twice in a week at all.

What is the effect of masturbation on our life?

When you masturbate in a limit, your life feels relaxed and worthwhile. The players and sports persons are particularly prohibited from jerking off so as to maintain their stamina. When a person is involved in excess masturbation or chronic masturbation, it reduces their energy and make them prone for taking long rest.

Excessive masturbation can give curvy penis which is quite harmful for overall health. It’s quite difficult for a curvy penis to get inside a vagina. Therefore, excess masturbation always has something really disastrous for life. People masturbating excessively have sunken cheeks and asymmetrical patterns on their face. Also, such people have narrowness towards their right hand.

Last but not the least, masturbation has an effect upon the cleavage area and bikini line amongst girl. The sexual areas develop in a regular pattern when a person is addicted to masturbation. You can end up dirty your bed sheets, walls, close and bathroom buy embarrassing your parents and siblings. In case you get caught doing such random stuff, it would impose a serious mental trauma for life.

does masturbation reduces testosterone?

Your testosterone levels have nothing to do with masturbation to an extent. However, if it is done in excess, then you can expect testosterone levels to get negatively affected. Testosterone have a linkage with sexual drive masturbation is an activity of ejaculation.

Testosterone also has a connection with muscular growth and overall health of men. Both men and women find a temporal enhancement in testosterone while feeling sexually aroused. Honestly, testosterone are not related with your masturbation. But eventually masturbation addiction can impose health Problems. It can also cover up testosterone fluctuations as well.

Hope you get all ideas of masturbation from benefit to harmful effect..Let’s share your experience and make this most more useful.

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