Become Angry Early? Check Here How To Stop Being Angry

Become angry early? Check here how to stop being angry

Become angry early? Check here how to stop being angry

First, you have to understand what actually anger is? Do you show your anger to everyone, your boss, your spouse, and your children?

Do you think you could not control your anger? Let me discuss a scenario here.

Your boss is angry and without any reason, he burst all his anger at you. What would you do? Will you be angry and show your anger to your boss?

You may be angry but I think you would not show your anger. Right?

But what if your junior or your child is at the place of your boss, It is more likely that you would burst your all anger at them.

What does it mean? It simply means that we show our anger where we could and we control our anger where we could not show it. Means we could control our anger but we don’t want. Let me discuss some tips you could follow and learn how to stop being angry:

1. Exercises (physical activity)

Physical activity is the best thing to keep your mind cool. I think stress and anger go side by side. More the stress you feel, it leads to more frustration and the results of anger.

exercise to stop being angry

Getting involved in those physical activities which you love to do will definitely help you to lessen your stress level. Other physical activities you can do:

  • Go for a brisk walk
  • Running
  • Playing with children
  • Playing your favourite outdoor game
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This way, your body will start producing endorphins, happy hormones which will make you  feel better and help you to control your anger.

2. Try to shift your focus

It may be difficult for you to keep off your mind from the things that irritate you. But you should try to shift your focus to other interesting things. You can go for your hobby, can check old happy memories, can talk with your loved ones and many more.

In starting it may be a very tedious task for you but if it will come in your practice then you will be habitual to it. This one is the best method to keep control of your anger. It is one of the slow but working ideas.

 3. Do meditation

Meditation is the solution to nearly all the health problems. Same as the reset button, it will reset your mind by relieving you from all the negative thoughts.

meditation to control anger

During meditation, you could actually sit with your thoughts and could analyse them more positively. Meditation will help you to remove all the blockages of your mind and you will feel a relief after that.

4. Try to understand other’s side situation

If you are in anger and ready to blow out, take the other side situation. Once I was waiting for my brother and he came so late. I had to wait for almost one hour. I was very angry. I blew out on him and after that he told me that, his scooter had been punctured. I was extremely sorry after that but I could not take my words back then.

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We should understand the other’s side situation. It will definitely help you to control your anger.

 5. Try to do productive things

Feeling angry? Try to do some productive things. It’s a win-win idea actually as it will help you to forget the scenario and also you will end up with something productive that makes you relief further. You can do your household work, any interesting office work or you can prepare excel of your TA/DA i.e. your travel allowances and many more.

6. Be Silent

It’s better to be silent till you feel better. Instead of blowing all your anger, be silent and once you feel better, proceed further.

Be Silent

7. Share your feelings with your near ones.

Sharing helps a lot. If you will share your feelings with your loved ones it will help you to vent out all the negative feelings and you will feel lighter after that.

8. Write your anger

You can write your feelings. It is the best idea if you don’t want to share with anyone or you could not find the one whom you can share your feelings. This way you will feel lighter and could better understand the situation.

This idea will also save you to dump your anger on anyone and worse the situation. Never forget to burn the paper after writing as it will help you to move on.

Nowadays, there are various anger management training available to teach you how to stop being angry. You can also take help of them. However, it’s better to follow above given tips. Once you feel anger, just close your eyes, take a deep breath and handle the situation with a cool mind.

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