Do We Really Need Protein Supplements After Gym Workout?

protein supplements

With fitness being the mantra for having a well-maintained body and my friends making endless rounds of the gym, I often wondered if I was missing something in life. The gum trainer also instructed me to take protein supplements.

It is true that the fitness supplement industry is raking in billions of dollars every year and protein powder makes a fair share of this gain. If anyone is still inquisitive on why protein shake is still in the vogue, the question that should come to mind is if we do need protein supplements to cope up with the stringent schedule of the gym.

protein supplements

You should consider few things when contemplating the thought as to why protein shake is necessary or can the same be avoided.

Is that extra protein is actually needed by me?

Whenever you have the instinct of taking the extra dose of protein, you should always think as to why protein shake is needed by you. It is a well known fact that regular diet already offers ample protein to the person. Depending upon the type of diet you might be taking, it is but natural that ample dose of protein is already being consumed by the human body.

If excess amount of protein is taken by a person, it does have repercussion for the human body. Excess protein always puts strains on the body and the excretory system including the kidneys also gets affected. The calories that this protein supplement might have get stored as body fat which does have serious consequences in the long run.

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The daily intake of proteins in the adult human body varies from 5-15 grams per pound of bodyweight. Any normal person with an average body weight does not need any protein supplements and in case you visit the gym on a regular basis and are thinking of taking up athletics on a professional basis, do protein supplements do any good for you.

Myths about Protein Supplements

There are certain myths about the requirement of supplements which strengthen the assumption on why protein shake is needed by a person. It is necessary to get a clear view on the requirement of protein supplements so that having a well balanced life becomes a reality proposition.

  1. Ample Protein is not being taken by body

The protein requirement for any person does vary as per their age, gender, activity level and other aspects; it is generally true that up to 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight suffices in normal case. This essentially means that you do not need any kind of protein supplement, even after a regular workout. The requirement of the protein in the body is met in the natural course by eggs, milk, animal meats and whole grain which you generally consume.

  1. Protein supplements offer something extra

It is sometimes said and commonly believed that protein supplements offer extra dose of energy to the body and keep the person healthy. However, this is a common myth far from reality as these protein supplements do not offer anything unique which is not found in normal human diet. Thus, it can be safely said that regular and wholesome meal will always suffice for your dietary needs and you can well survive hale and hearty, even if you keep away from protein supplements after a workout session.

  1. It is necessary to take supplements after a workout
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It is commonly believed that it is important to take protein supplements after a workout in the gym. However, this fact is far from reality and if you are an avid gym visitor and your exercise consists of jumping on to the elliptical trainer, you can well survive eating only balanced diet. In cases, when the goal of visiting the gym is only to shed off the extra pounds of weight, taking on the protein supplement could act against you in the long run.

Key Takeaway:

With a host of protein supplements available in the market, it often gets difficult to remain away from them. However, the truth is that average human being even when they are regular gym goers do not need to take any of these protein supplements.

Next time when the thought as to why protein shake is necessary rakes your mind, just head to the kitchen and look for the natural source of protein rather than being carried away by the glamorous advertisements that many of these supplements come along with.

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