13 Yin Yoga poses, gently dredging the body meridians

Many people have the impression of Yin Yoga. It is a lot of beginners who have been practicing Yin Yoga. They think that Yin Yoga is not easy to use, but for people with stiff body, yin Yoga is as long as 1 day. Really not exaggerated! The sore and even paralyzed feeling of the body, everyone who has practiced knows.

The general rule is not painful. Pay attention when you are sore. To stretch the place, the pain is a reflection of the meridian blockage. At the same time, when practicing, because of the pain, it will cause irritating negative emotions. At this time, you should concentrate on breathing and surrender completely.

The set of Yin Yoga recommended today is mainly for the opening of the chest.If you want to explore yin yoga in India then go  yin yoga rishikesh (Utarakhand) and enjoy different yoga poses.

13 Yin Yoga poses

1. meditation (5 minutes)

Choose a comfortable sitting position and sit on the blanket if needed.

Close your eyes and connect to your breath, and realize how your breathing flows through your body. Don’t disturb it.

Then bring consciousness to the heart and feel the space. Is it open or closed?

Use your breathing to expand this space and see if you can feel the beating of the heart.

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2. supine beam angle (5 minutes)

Support the head and mid back with yoga bricks. The feet touch and the knees open to the sides.

This pose opens the upper body and hips very well.

Close your eyes and bring your breath to the chest, abdomen, pelvis, and the back of your heart.

3. cat / cow stretch (2 minutes)

Can be done between the following styles.

When inhaling, the tailbone is up, the abdomen sinks, the chest cavity is upward, and the tailbone is gathered when exhaling, the navel is closed, and the bow is lowered.

Repeat slowly several times to warm up the spine.

4. baby style (brick assist 4 minutes)

The hips sit on the heels and come to the baby. Use 1-2 yoga bricks under your arms, forehead to land, and stretch your shoulders. Breathing, completely surrendered.

5. melting style (3 minutes)

This form is called a fusion because it stretches the chest and expands the heart and lungs.

Come to the four-legged bench and walk forward with your hands. Keep your hips a little in front of your knees and sink your chest to the ground.

Take a deep breath and feel the stretch. When coming out of the pose, go back to the baby for a few minutes.

6. relax armpits (4 minutes)

A brick is placed under the rolled up yoga mat. Lying on the left side, the bricks are below the armpits.

This style is mainly for the heart and lungs, arms support the head, relax breathing.

Do a few cat/cow stretches after 4 minutes and repeat on the side.

7. faced lion body

Knee down, elbows, and align your shoulders.

The face is relaxed, looking ahead, not down, so there is no pressure on the neck.

Relax your legs and hips, you may feel the crush on your lower back. If it is too serious, you can kneel and relax.

8. Spider-Man

Kneeling down, hands overlapping, left cheek on the back of the hand. Bend your right knee, align your knees and hips, and align your ankles and knees.

It is a great place to relax here. After 4 minutes, do another face of the lion’s body, and then repeat.

9. seal style

Kneeling down, straighten your hands forward, slightly hips than your shoulders. Relax on the face, legs and hips.

When you come out from the body, your abdomen will relax for a while.

10. down dogs (2 minutes)

From the four-legged bench style, lift your hips to the lower dog style.

The feet are the same width as the hips, the heels are slightly outward, the five fingers are unfolded, the knees are bent, and the legs are stretched.

The knees can be kept bent, the abdomen leaning against the thighs and stretching the back. Finger joints and fingertips compact the ground.

11. knees (3 minutes)

Lie down and hug your knees close to your chest.

Relax your back tension and lift your forehead to find your knees to relax your shoulders and neck.

Keep it as long as possible, nourish the spine and inject energy into your body.

12. supine twist (3 minutes)

Lie down, bend your knees, extend your left arm to the left, and your knees to the right.

Turn your head to the left and close your eyes. Deep breathing strengthens the torsion and lower respiratory tract (kidney).

After 3 minutes, the knees returned to the center and then repeated.

13. corpse (5 minutes)

Lie down, open your feet and the same width as your mat, open your palms with your hands up, and close your eyes.

After 5 minutes, bend your knees, turn to the right, and sit up.

Hope you like this all Yin Yoga poses..


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