Five strokes to quickly relieve from woman’s genital itching

woman's genital itching

Woman genital itching is a common problem, genital itching is a cause, secretion stimulation will cause genital itching, and there will be vulvar odor phenomenon, try to keep the vulva clean, women should pay attention to the correct cleaning of the vulva, reduce secretions of the vulva Stimulating, and want to eat less sweet food, let’s talk about it in detail below:

Do you understand the cause of genital itching?

1, genital itching may be caused by the stimulation of urine or secretions, women often wear tight pants will lead to private parts are not breathable, and will lead to the growth of pathogenic bacteria, prone to private itching, so it is necessary to properly care private parts, reduce The secretion of the secretions on the private parts can effectively relieve the genital itching.

2, genital itching should be alert to skin diseases, vulvar eczema can cause genital itching, vulvitis will also appear itching, women if there is often genital itching, to understand the cause as soon as possible, according to the cause can effectively relieve itching, try to keep private parts Clean and dry, good habits are very important.

3, diabetes cases patients have genital itching, diabetes patients will be discharged urine sugar high, so it is easy to breed bacteria, private parts will cause irritation of the skin, often feel genital itching, but also more likely to suffer from a variety of Gynecological inflammation, if women have diabetes to control blood sugar properly, it is best to wash with warm water after urination.

Give you five strokes to quickly relieve itching

1, honeysuckle boil water cleaning can play an anti-itch effect, and has the effect of disinfection, try to choose loose breathable underwear, try to change the underwear, and keep the vulva clean, wash with warm water every night, For severe pruritus, it can be washed with potassium permanganate solution.

2, pay attention to genital cleansing, good health habits can relieve the itching cases, women should pay attention to personal hygiene, try nails, fingers inside the armor is easy to breed bacteria, so you want to keep your hands clean.

3, eat spicy spicy food, eat less sweet food, sweet food is easy to cause genital itching, and it is easy to breed mold, eat more fruits and vegetables, often drink with lemon soaked water, can eliminate toxins and reduce Skin irritation.

4, the use of qualified sanitary napkins during menstruation, do not often use sanitary pads, often use sanitary pads, easy to cause private parts are not breathable, will increase the itching situation, keep the private parts clean can effectively relieve itching.

5, clothes, sheets, bedspreads should be cleaned frequently, should not be cleaned with the underwear, close-fitting underwear should be cleaned separately, it is best to use hot water to wash, then use a special underwear cleaning soap, can effectively avoid cross- infection of the treatment of bacteria .


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