Why is the baby’s skin dry in winter? 4 skin moisturizing measures should be done!

Baby skin

In the winter, many treasure mothers found that the baby’s smooth and delicate skin suddenly became dry and rough, and some babies may even have cleft palate and peel off.

Seeing the baby’s skin problems, this makes the baby feel very uncomfortable. Moms are also very anxious, if the mothers understand why the baby’s skin is dry in the winter, so that measures can be taken to care for the baby’s skin.

So, what is the reason why baby skin is easy to dry in winter?

First, the skin is thin and tender

The thickness of the baby’s skin is only one-third of that of an adult. When exposed to any irritation, it can cause skin discomfort. For example, weather changes, clothing thickness, clothing materials, etc., will damage the baby’s skin.

Second, low sebum secretion

During the two months of the baby’s birth, sebum secretion will be more vigorous due to the mother’s hormone protection during the fetus. However, after this period of time, the original protective layer gradually disappears, and the baby’s sebum secretion is rapidly reduced, so it is easy to dry and rough.

Third, high water demand

Infants have a high density of sweat pores and are often very active, resulting in a large amount of water evaporation in the body and a greater demand for water. If the water is not replenished in time, the baby’s skin is prone to dryness.

So, how to choose the skin care products for winter baby?

First, choose skin care products with insulation function

Adult skin care products usually add whitening, sunscreen, anti-aging and other functional ingredients. If used for baby, it will stimulate the baby’s delicate skin. Because the baby’s skin does not need whitening and anti-aging, as long as it is moisturizing.

Second, regional differences should be considered

Choose baby skin care products, but also pay attention to the appropriate regionality. In some parts of the South, the climate itself is very humid, even without skin care, while in the north, dry climate and heavy sand, you should pay attention to the choice of moisturizing skin care products to care for your baby’s skin.

Third, mainly moisturizing skin care

Baby skin care products are moisturizing lotion, moisturizing cream and moisturizing oil. Moisturizing lotions mainly contain natural moisturizing ingredients, which can effectively moisturize baby skin. It is the most commonly used skin care product for winter babies. The moisturizing oil contains natural mineral oil that prevents dryness and is more effective in moisturizing the skin.

Fourth, avoid choosing irritating products

Choose baby skin care products, choose no fragrance, alcohol, non-irritating. Baby skin care products should not be replaced frequently to avoid skin irritation and discomfort. When the winter care is not proper, it may cause the baby’s skin to dry .

All in all, in the winter, your baby’s skin needs more water. Therefore, in the winter, you should give your baby more water, and choose some non-irritating, gentle moisturizing skin care products, so that the baby can survive the winter.


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