Why do many women do not like to use “condoms”? The reason may be a bit “accidental”

We all know that when two people are in the same room, they may take certain contraceptive measures. There are many contraceptive methods in life. For example, there are many people who may use condoms frequently. This is the most common way for modern people. But we also know that many women may not like to use condoms, so what is the reason? Let’s take a look at it with Thehealthypandas!

Why do many women do not like to use “condoms”? The reason may be a bit “accidental”

1.May be allergic

For female friends, their private parts are inherently fragile. If you use a bad condom, it may cause allergies. For example, there are a lot of condoms that are inferior, and some of them are not safe. At this time, using such a condom can easily cause some bacteria to breed, and may also cause allergic reactions in women’s private parts. .

2. Uncomfortable

For many women, they still pay more attention to the experience of the same room, but bringing a condom may make them feel very uncomfortable. But in fact, with the development of modern technology, many condoms will be done very well, and there will be some uncomfortable feelings. However, it must be noted that at this time, try not to choose the method of taking emergency contraception to contraception, in which case the damage to the body is greater.

3. The consciousness is not strong

There are still many women, especially some young girls, who are very weak in contraception. They often feel that pregnancy is not so easy. At this time, they may not deliberately take some contraception. The measures, but in fact such an idea is also wrong. Once pregnant, if you have to go to a miscarriage, you will be more harmful to your body.

In fact, overall, condoms are relatively safe and effective compared to other methods of contraception, and female friends should not be too resistant. In the usual room, you must pay attention to contraception, otherwise it may cause some serious consequences, which will cause greater damage to the female body, and even have a very impact on future pregnancy.


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