What is the cause of smoking dizziness? Is this situation is poisoned?

We all know that smoking is harmful to our health. However, many people often go to smoke because they are upset or unable to support their friends. However, when they smoke, they may feel uncomfortable. Many people react to smoking. When I feel dizzy, then, let’s take a look at how the smoking dizziness is going on?

What is the cause of smoking dizziness?

Poisoning reaction

Excessive smoking at one time can also cause obvious dizziness. This is a symptom of smoking poisoning. Tobacco contains a lot of nicotine. When the blood reaches a certain concentration, it will be poisoned. The symptoms of cigarette poisoning are: dizziness, nausea. Strong vomiting, muscle relaxation, general weakness, severe incontinence, usually lasts for ten minutes, and severe life can be life-threatening.

First time smoking

Many people have no habit of smoking before. Then, when they first come into contact with cigarettes, it is very likely that smoking will cause discomfort, which is what we often say is drunk. This is short-lived. The brain is hypoxic, and there are dizziness, nausea, and general weakness. This person does not recommend smoking.

Weak body There are still some people who are in this situation. They used to smoke a body without much problem. However, after smoking for a long time, and then smoking for a while, there will be dizziness. This situation occurs and personal Physique has a relationship, probably because of the weak body, resulting in dizziness.


Cigarettes contain a certain amount of carbon monoxide, and hemoglobin in the human body preferentially absorbs carbon monoxide. This will result in insufficient oxygen during breathing, which will cause hypoxia in a short period of time. Therefore, there will be dizziness. Happening.

low blood sugar

Low blood sugar, smoking causes the brain to weaken, and also suffer from dizziness. It is recommended not to smoke or smoke.

Drunk smoking

Drunken smoking can also cause dizziness and nausea.

Cold smoking, easy to dizzy

When a person has a cold and is weak, if he wants to smoke or with a person who smokes, it is easy to cause dizziness and palpitations. His cold does not breathe smoothly. Inhaling carbon monoxide causes the body to be dilute due to lack of oxygen.

If you have a dizziness, then you should pay attention to it. Stop smoking first and stop smoking. So many people don’t know what to do if they have a dizziness. Let’s take a look What should I do with smoking dizziness? And the danger of smoking.

How to do smoking dizziness

1. Smoking is harmful to health. Everyone knows that it is most important for some old smokers to reduce smoking. Xiao Bian thinks that quitting smoking may be really difficult, but there is nothing impossible with perseverance;

2, physical fitness to distract attention, improve heart and lung function;

3, go out to relax and relax;

Hazard of smoking

1, smoking causes blood clots, causing various heart diseases

Inhalation of carbon monoxide in cigarettes reduces the ability of the blood to absorb oxygen. Nicotine can speed up the heartbeat, increase blood pressure, weaken the heart’s ability to withstand, myocardial infarction causes coronary infarction, and cardiac ischemia (or arrhythmia) promotes atherogenesis, and many heart diseases begin to occur.

2, smoking damage to the brain

Smoking can cause a variety of brain diseases, which can reduce the oxygen and blood circulating in the brain, causing blood vessels and occlusion in the brain, leading to paralysis, mental decline and stroke. The cause of the stroke is that smoking causes blood vessels to smash in the brain, making the blood easier to coagulate. The rate of fans in smokers is twice as high as that of non-smokers.

3, smoking damage to the mouth

Smoking can cause oral and laryngeal cancer. The heat of tar and smoke in cigarettes can cause inflammation of the salivary glands, damage to the taste buds, and greatly reduced taste and olfactory ability. Next, it can easily lead to oral cancer, and about two-thirds of patients can still survive hard after finding oral cancer.

4, smoking damage to the lungs

Smoking can cause cilia epithelial cells to become shorter and irregular in cilia and their movement and disorder, reduce local resistance, and are susceptible to infection. Smoking can cause lung cancer. 90% of total mortality is caused by smoking.

Summary: Smoking is harmful to the body. This is something that many people know. However, for long-term smoking, we don’t seem to think that there is something wrong with the body, but if you smoke for a long time, it is likely to cause damage to the lungs. Then, if you have a dizziness, then be careful not to smoke anymore!


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