5 ways to make your twins successful

Many young couples want to have a twin, but having twins is not a very simple matter, and it requires a combination of many factors. To successfully give birth to twins, you can refer to the following methods.

Ways to make your twins successful

Method 1: Find a twin wife

The dragon and phoenix are mainly for women. The dragon and phoenix is ​​a kind of double-packed fetus. Because the two fertilized eggs develop into embryos, they will form twins of different genders. How can we have 2 fertilized eggs? This is a matter of luck, because under normal circumstances, the woman only discharges one egg every month, but in a few cases, two eggs will be discharged, and two eggs will be fertilized separately, and the chance is that they will have a baby.

Method 2: Taking folic acid can increase the chance of the baby?

A medical research institute in Sweden recently pointed out that women who take folic acid are nearly twice as likely to have twins as women who are not taking it. According to reports, Swedish researchers began researching and analyzing data and data on local pregnant women since 1994. They found that among 2,569 pregnant women who took folic acid, 2.8 of them were born to twin babies. In pregnant women who did not take folic acid, the ratio was 1.5. The researchers point out that the reason for taking folic acid to increase the chances of having twins is not clear. According to experts, folic acid supplements may increase the number of ovulations, allowing multiple eggs to enter the uterus, thus producing twins. Whether this conclusion is correct or not remains to be confirmed by further research.

Method 3: Is ovulation-promoting medicine really a panacea for twins?

Indian News Agency recently published an article on “Oral ovulation drugs to increase the chances of twins”. The article pointed out that the current number of “artificial” twins is increasing substantially, and doctors are deeply worried about this phenomenon. In fact, most of the drugs that promote ovulation are clinically used to treat infertility. They are taken casually for twins. Not only are they harmful to their mothers, but even if they really give birth to twins, their health is difficult to guarantee. . If ovulation-promoting drugs are used, the chances of having twins are greatly improved, but the average healthy woman has an egg every month, artificially using ovulation-promoting drugs to promote ovulation, and the consequences are ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Dizziness, nausea, liver and kidney dysfunction, etc. If you do not take the necessary measures, it is very dangerous for both mother and child.

Method 4: Increase hormones while increasing children?

The Sichuan folks were once very popular with the “Twin Secrets”, and according to research by researchers, most of these so-called secret recipes are drugs that promote gonadotropins. The main function of these drugs is to promote the secretion of gonadotropin in the anterior pituitary gland. After administration, it can produce the effect of inducing ovulation. These drugs are also used to treat infertility. If the woman is healthy, it may be improper. Adverse reactions such as abdominal pain, breast swelling, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, rash, blurred vision, and serious cancer may occur.

Method 5: Test tube baby, how many students do you want?

“Test tube baby” promotes follicular development in female ovaries through ovulation induction technology, and then takes out eggs for artificial in vitro fertilization, and then transplants the developing embryos into the uterus. Because this process is carried out under the manual manipulation of the doctor, in order to ensure the quality of the fertilized egg, several eggs are generally selected for fertilization. When they develop to a certain extent, the best 2 to 4 implanted maternal uterus is selected. In the cavity, finally retain a best embryo and let it develop in the uterus until the fetus is born. However, some women’s physical conditions allow the two embryos to develop at the same time, and with their own requirements, the doctor can also keep two embryos for them, so they produce twins. However, the Ministry of Health has clearly defined how many fertilized eggs should be implanted: 3 can be planted over 35 years old, and can only be implanted at most under 35 years old, minimizing the birth rate of twins or multiple births.


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