4 tips for quick and thin waist

Tips for thin waist

For sedentary people or people who are more obese , the waist is very easy to accumulate fat, and the slim and tight waist is everyone wants to have, so how can you make your waist and abdomen thinner? What? In fact, in order to achieve this desire, you can use the following small tricks to improve.

Tips for thin waist

1. Eat calcium tablets before going to bed.

Calcium tablets are a product that can dissolve the fat under the stomach, and the best absorption time of calcium is in the evening, so if you eat calcium tablets before going to bed, you can play the effect of thin belly, but can not be used before going to bed. Milk instead of calcium tablets, because the protein and calcium in the milk is not the same, if drinking milk at night will make the lower abdomen bigger, people have obesity problems.

2, using a sleepy way to thin waist

In fact, people’s normal sleeping position and thin waist are also very close, the supine posture will allow fat to accumulate around the lower abdomen, so that the waist of the bucket is produced, and the prone position can eliminate excess fat in the waist and abdomen, let the waist The abdomen becomes flatter. But prone can make the spine and the heart under pressure, and it will make people’s breathing more difficult, so you should choose a suitable sleeping position according to your physical condition.

3. Perform abdominal breathing exercises

In fact, abdominal breathing can make your lower abdomen slim down, it can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, promote the discharge of the stool, and often carry out abdominal breathing, but also accelerate the burning of abdominal fat, you can slowly use your nose. Take a deep breath, then hold your breath, then slowly exhale the gas from the mouth, and contract the abdomen while exhaling. Note that it is better to perform five or six times per minute. By sticking to this for a month, you can see the obvious thin belly effect.

4, eat before 6 o’clock in the evening

When you have finished eating, be sure to pay attention to it. It is best to have dinner before 6 o’clock in the morning, and don’t eat anything after 8 o’clock. This will allow the stomach and intestines to have enough time to carry out. Digestion and emptying, and for the waist and abdomen is not easy to allow fat to accumulate, and the small abdomen will become relatively flat.

Through the introduction of the above article, you now know how to thin your waist. If you want to make your waist and abdomen become thinner, you must do the above, and you should be careful not to have violence in peacetime. Drinking overeating occurs, and you should pay more attention to exercise during normal times, so as to effectively reduce the fat on the waist and abdomen.


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