These 7 common symptoms are actually precursors to diabetes! Too many people are in the dark

Today, diabetes has become the third most dangerous disease in the world except cancer and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. According to statistics, the number of people with diabetes in China has reached more than 30 million, accounting for about 20% of the world. For diabetes, it is best to find and treat it in the early stages. So what are the signals in the early stages of diabetes? Then read on.

What are the symptoms of early diabetes?

1, dry mouth, swollen gums

Pre-diabetes often have a burning sensation in the mouth and may be accompanied by dry mouth and swollen gums.

This situation is generally related to the patient’s diet structure. Inappropriate diet structure will not have much impact in a short time, but it will lead to diabetes after a long time.

2, the increase in the amount of food, but feel that it is not enough

The amount of meals in the early stages of diabetes will increase, but the increase in the amount of meals is not enough to support the next meal.

In other words, you often feel hungry when you don’t go to the meal. Sometimes you eat more than you used to eat.

3, the weight is inexplicably falling

It’s hard to get old and thin, but the amount of meals in the early days of diabetes has increased. It stands to reason that no weight will fall in any case without any other factors. However, the patient’s weight during the pre-diabetes period will be inexplicably reduced.

4, suffering from repeated attacks of various skin diseases

In the early stages of diabetes, patients often get some skin diseases. For example, foot ulcers, vulvar infections, and these skin diseases are still a long-term type of treatment, often repeated attacks, making patients suffering.

5, often feeling hungry, palpitations, fatigue

Although blood sugar is slightly lower in the early stages of diabetes, it is not as obvious as low. Patients with low blood sugar will have dizziness and palpitations, often accompanied by fatigue and hunger, and this feeling of hunger and fatigue is not solved by eating more.

6, male urinary frequency, more urine

There are more than three people with diabetes. In addition to eating more and drinking more, it is much more urine. However, the symptoms were not so obvious in the early stage, but I felt more urine and more frequent. Sometimes it can be difficult to get the patient’s attention, and the patient will also think that the working family is causing problems with the bladder.

7, often insomnia

People insomnia are mostly divided into early waking, difficulty in joining, lack of sleep, nightmares, etc. Diabetes patients may cause cerebral cortical dysfunction due to disorder of hormone secretion in the body, leading to insomnia.

Diabetes is a very harmful disease, and its harm is mainly reflected in complications. At present, there is no very good cure for diabetes, so prevention is very important. Grasping these signals in the early stage of diabetes, early detection and early treatment, in order to not fall into the pain of diabetes.


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